Paper Rex lead the VCT Pacific playoffs

2023 VCT Pacific Playoffs Top Three Locks In Their Spots for Masters Tokyo 

Paper Rex continues to be the star of SEA Valorant while Korea’s presence stands strong.

The first week of the 2023 VCT Pacific playoffs concludes with the region’s top three teams finally emerging. 

Waiting at the grand finals is Paper Rex after a convincing 2-0 victory against DRX. Paper Rex has been looking unstoppable thanks to Khalish “d4v41” Rusyaidee’s outstanding playoffs performance. He’s top of the charts in Average Combat Score, KDR, and KPR. The remaining teams will need to figure out how to shut him down if they want a chance at the trophy.

Joining DRX in the lower bracket finals is fellow Korean team T1. For DRX this is their chance to stop their downward slide after sitting at the top of the standings for the entire regular season. T1 on the other hand have the opportunity to prove that they’re more than just the third best Korean team in VCT Pacific. They will battle it out on May 27-28 to see which team will become the VCT Pacific champion.

Regardless of the results this weekend, all three teams have qualified for Masters Tokyo taking place this June 11, and for Champions Los Angeles, the biggest Valorant tournament of the year, taking place later this August. 

The remaining teams have lost their chance to make it to the Masters event but they still have one more shot of making it to Champions through the Last Chance Qualifiers happening on July 15. One of these teams is the Philippines’ Team Secret, who fell short despite an impressive push towards the end of the season.

Want to catch the last week of the 2023 VCT Pacific playoffs? Check out their official Youtube and Twitch channels.

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