Filipina tennis player Alex Eala with Babolat Tennis Racket

3 Essentials that Alex Eala Always Brings to the Court

Want to know what tennis equipment Alex Eala uses? Let’s take a closer look at the essentials she always brings to the court.

Alex Eala is the Philippines’ rising star in the tennis world. Even though she is only 18 years old, many Filipinos already look up to her as an athlete, whether they are older or younger, and especially those who play the sport themselves.

So, if Eala is your tennis idol (and we totally think she should be), here’s a closer look at three of the Filipina ace’s court essentials.

Her heavy-duty bag
Filipina tennis player Alex Eala
(Photo credit: Alex Eala on Instagram)

Alex Eala is a Babolat athlete and has been for quite some time now. The famous tennis brand, used by many other pros on the Grand Slam scene, has been supporting the Filipina throughout her journey from her junior competitions to her rise in the professional scene.

This fact is not hard to recognize as she always walks into the court before every match with her Babolat Pure Aero tennis bag. If the looks almost just as big as her, that’s because it is. This bag can easily fit all of her other court essentials, and then some, as it can even fit up to 12 rackets.

Her trusty tennis racket
Filipina tennis player Alex Eala with Babolat Tennis Racket
(Photo credit: Alex Eala on Instagram)

Similar to her reliable on-court bag, Alex Eala has also been using Babolat tennis rackets for a long time. Most recently, she has been seen bringing her Babolat Pure Aero to her matches — a racket that has been her companion throughout the past several years. In fact, this was the racket model she was using when she won her historic US Open title for the girl singles event in 2021 to become the first player from a Southeast Asian country to win a Grand Slam junior title.

With Eala’s US Open juniors win in 2021, Babolat was the racket of the tournament, as the eventual champion for the men’s tournament, Carlos Alcaraz, and the eventual winner of the men’s doubles, Rajeev Ram, were also using rackets from the brand. Other famous players also use Babolat’s Pure Aero line, such as Rafael Nadal and Leylah Fernandez.

Her stylish shoes
Filipina tennis player Alex Eala with Babolat Tennis Racket
(Photo credit: Alex Eala on Instagram)

From her stylish tennis dresses to her sweatbands and visors, Alex Eala wears Nike from head to toe whenever she walks onto the court. As a part of Team Nike, she has been doing so for years, and we have to say, it suits her.

Nike has a wide range of tennis shoes suited for every player’s needs, and thus, you’ll frequently see Alex switching up on the court occasionally, wearing new colors or new models on her quick feet. In her recent stint at the 2024 Australian Open qualifiers, she wore a pair of neon yellow shoes to match the neon highlights of her dress, as well as the neon of her racket.

Banner image from Alex Eala on Instagram.

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