Filipinas player Alexia Blanco Llacuno

3 Things To Know About Alexia Llacuno: The Filipinas’ Newcomer

It is a “dream” for Filipina-Spanish Alexia Blanco Llacuno to represent the Philippines in her international football career.

After a historic year for the Philippine Women’s National Football Team which saw their impressive debut at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the team is looking to beef up their squad as they have already started plotting their path to the 2027 edition. One valuable addition they’ve made is Alexia Blanco Llacuno, who has been recently called up to join the Filipinas.

Filipina-Spanish Alexia Jr. showcased her talent during the national team’s identification camp which took place in the last few weeks of 2023. It was there that the 23-year-old impressed head coach Mark Torasco, and not long after, she received the call-up.

“I am thrilled…It feels like a dream,” the Fil-Spanish told LaLiga, excited to receive the opportunity to play for the Philippines, especially given her heritage as a Filipino.

Here are three things to know about the Filipinas’ latest talent, Alexia Llacuno.

She is connected to her Filipino roots
Filipinas player Alexia Blanco Llacuno
(Photo credit: Alexia Jr. on Instagram)

Alexia Blanco Llacuno was born to a Filipina mother. Though she grew up in Spain, after receiving the call-up to play for the Philippines, she shared that it meant a lot to her and her family that she will be able to represent this side of her heritage in her international playing career.

“I chose the Philippines because of how connected I am to the culture,” she said. “I am accomplishing something I dreamed about since I was a kid, and it meant a lot when I was told the news. My family and I got very excited though I am aware of how big of an honor this is, and I am eager.”

She currently plays for CA Osasuna Femenino
Filipinas player Alexia Blanco Llacuno
(Photo credit: Alexia Jr. on Instagram)

Alexia Jr. is currently a member of the CA Osanuna Femenino squad and plays in the second-tier Spanish football league, Primer Federeción. She has scored two goals in the 2023-2024 season as of writing, and her experience playing professionally could be a great asset to the Filipinas, especially as they continue to take on the global football arena.

But apart from this, one thing that stands out from the youngster is her humility. When speaking about the opportunity to play for the Filipinas, Alexia Llacuno made sure to give credit to her teammates in Osanuna.

“It’s the reward for all the hard work, both as a collective — because without my teammates, I wouldn’t have received this call — and individually, it is very fulfilling,” she said, displaying a great sense of character.

Her freestyle football skills are on point
Filipinas player Alexia Blanco Llacuno
(Photo credit: Alexia Jr. on Instagram)

On Alexia Llacuno’s social media pages, you’ll find that the Filipinas’ newcomer loves to showcase her freestyle football skills. Juggling, balancing the ball on her head, doing tricks — her control of the ball is exceptional, and it’s great to see her truly having fun while playing the sport she loves.

At only 23 years old, Alexia Jr. recognizes that she still has a long way to go as a player. But with her talent, character, and passion, she is definitely going to make for an exciting addition to the Philippine squad.

“This is a long journey, and my story is just beginning.”

Banner image from Alexia Jr. on Instagram.

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