3 Things We’re Hoping to See for UAAP Season 87 Esports

3 Things We’re Hoping to See for UAAP Season 87 Esports

After some setbacks, it looks like esports is finally ready to debut in the UAAP.

UAAP Season 87 is looking to be the most interesting one yet thanks to the addition of esports. UAAP Chairman Atty. Angelo Jimenez and Executive Director Atty. Rebo Saguisag confirmed its inclusion in a recent press conference. It will take place sometime before Season 87 and will include Call of Duty, NBA 2K, and Valorant.

While we can’t wait to see how esports in UAAP Season 87 will turn out, there are three things that we’re hoping to see when it launches.

A Live Venue

While one of the beauties of esports is that it can be played within the comfort of your own home, it just hits different when you play in front of a live crowd. The dynamics between teammates and opponents change, not to mention the pressure to perform in front of fans. Seeing who can rise up when the spotlight is on them is something that makes any sport exciting to watch.

3 Things We’re Hoping to See for UAAP Season 87 Esports
Ok, it doesn’t need to be this extravagant but it would be pretty hype. (Photo from MOONTON Games)

Of course, this brings with it its own set of challenges. Finding an appropriate venue that’s esports ready can be difficult, along with the additional logistical hurdles. But giving these athletes the chance to play in front of an audience, even if it’s just for finals, can really make esports’ first foray in the UAAP truly memorable.

Free and Accessible Livestreams 

This one feels like it’d be a real challenge as it’s something alien to traditional sports broadcasting. Esports was built on the back of tournaments and events being able to just stream themselves for free to everyone. No subscriptions, no broadcasting rights, all you need is the internet and an appropriate streaming platform.

3 Things We’re Hoping to See for UAAP Season 87 Esports
We don’t want fans to see something like this when they watch UAAP esports.

We’re not saying that the UAAP are unable to just open a livestream and start broadcasting their esports games. However, free streaming is a big disruptor to the status quo and was something not even the Asian Games were willing to do. We’re hoping that the UAAP is really considering making watching esports as easy as possible. It’s one of the reasons why esports became so popular and is practically core to its identity.

More Games

We know that it’s just the debut of esports in the UAAP, but we were really hoping for more games. Three games is rather small and the selection is rather underwhelming. While the inclusion of Valorant makes sense, the lack of Mobile Legends, a game where we have won world championships in, is sorely felt.

3 Things We’re Hoping to See for UAAP Season 87 Esports
Hopefully we’ll eventually see some fighting games in the mix. (Image by Bandai Namco)

There’s still time for the UAAP to bulk up their esports lineup. However, if that’s not feasible this year, we hope they can do it next season. Atty. Rebo Saguisag revealed that the original plan was to have three esports events from Season 86 to 88. This means that they have ample time to review their work and make sure that their next event is better than the last.

Banner photo by Romancon Gaming.

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