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Cube Hotel in Baler, Aurora

3 Ways Cube Makes Planning Your Trip to Baler an Easy Game

Just looking for a simple getaway where you can enjoy the sun? Baler is the place to go, and Cube is the place to stay. Here’s why.

Baler, Aurora is one of the best vacation spots in the Philippines, especially if you need a quick getaway from Metro Manila or if you’re an athlete who’s looking for a short break from the business of your training schedule. But to plan a quick getaway, you need a place that is easy to book but is also reliable — a place like Cube.

Cube is a relatively new hotel in Baler, Aurora, opened by their parent hotel, Costa Pacifica. Just a five-minute walk from Sabang Beach and a short drive from everything else in the area, this is a perfect spot to be in for any getaway and any activity.

Here are three reasons why you should make Cube your home base on your next trip to Baler.

1. You can bring the entire squad

No matter what kind of vacation you’re planning, whether you want a little me-time or you’re packing your entire squad — yes, even including your pets!

This hotel has several 80 rooms with different options suited to any party size, with suites, twin rooms, trio rooms, and dorms, with 24-hour assistance available for your every need at any hour. This means that Cube isn’t just great for a quick personal getaway. You can also plan team-building activities here or take your teammates out of town for a vacation with the whole squad. Your entire team is in good hands when you check into Cube as your home base in Baler.

Cube Hotel Room with two bunk beds in Baler, Aurora - The GAME
2. Your personal court

Staying in Cube when you’re in Baler means that the entire space can be your own personal playing field. The hotel features its own dining area and swimming pool, exclusive for Cube’s guests, and trust us, it will definitely feel like you have the space to breathe, relax, and most importantly, enjoy.

This is the benefit of being a walk away from the beach of Baler. When you’re done with the sand and the waves and you just want to relax with your friends, you can do so in the privacy of your own space in Cube. And if you’re the type of traveler who enjoys hopping from one place to another, a stay in Cube is definitely a win because you will also have access to the pool and restaurants of their parent hotel, Costa Pacifica.

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Cube Hotel in Baler, Aurora - The GAME
3. Revolve your playbook around your activities

From surfing the waves of Baler to riding the dirt slopes in the Moto Park, there are a lot of activities that will keep you busy on your trip, so you’re going to want a hotel that you can easily rely on.

Cube is a no-fuss, no-frills type of hotel — it’s easy to tell just by looking at its unique exterior, as the property is made out of shipping containers. In the same vein, Cube is an affordable hotel that will easily suit most travel budgets without sacrificing quality and comfort.

So with the comfort and ease that this hotel brings you, planning your vacation with Cube as your hotel means that you can focus your energy on all the activities you want to get into while you’re on your trip.

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For more details and information about Cube and for booking inquiries, check out Cube’s Facebook page.

Images from Cube Baler on Facebook. Banner image from Freepik.

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