5 Football Pitches Around the World With the Best Views

Ever wanted to play football with a view? Here are five football pitches to add to your travel bucket list!

There are many amazing things about playing football. You get to enjoy fresh air, you work up a sweat, and you can bond with your teammates and friends. But, there are certain places around the world where football can give you a little something extra — a view to enjoy.

Here are five football pitches around the world that will likely make it challenging to focus on competition because of the picture-perfect sceneries that surround them.

The Float at Marina Bay, Singapore
(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Marina Bay is perhaps Singapore’s most iconic landmark, known for its spectacular views, particularly of the beautiful city skyline.

Singaporeans don’t always have to imagine. The Float is a multipurpose venue used for many different sports and it is often used as a football pitch, where athletes can compete right atop the waters of Marina Bay and beneath all the bright city lights.

Igralište Batarija in Trogir, Croatia
(Photo credit: Stadium Database)
(Photo credit: Stadium Database)

The Igralište Batarija is a football stadium in Trogir, Croatia, and it is definitely one of the most unique and historical stadiums in the world, as it sits right next to a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the 15th-century fortress, Kamarlengo Castle.

The players of the Croatian football club HNK are the lucky few who get to call this stadium their home and play with a historic site right in view

Adidas Futsal Park in Tokyo, Japan
(Photo credit: Goal North Carolina on Facebook)

If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, Japan, you have likely walked beneath or close by the Adidas Futsal Park, as it is located right next to one of Tokyo’s most visited train stations, Shibuya Station.

The Adidas Futsal Park became the first-ever rooftop football pitch in Japan when it opened in 2001 to commemorate the 2002 FIFA World Cup hosted by Japan and South Korea. With the bright billboards, neon signs, and city lights that Tokyo is famous for, this is arguably one of the pitches in Asia with the best views.

Qeqertarsuaq Football pitch, Disko Island, Greenland 
(Photo credit: Far Out Football on Twitter)

The Qeqertarsuaq Stadium is one of the most beautiful football pitches in the world because of its unique view. Sitting on the black sand beach of Disko Island in Greenland, players and fans who visit this stadium get to enjoy icebergs as a backdrop to any game.

But, how one can manage to focus on a game of football when they are surrounded by such a picturesque view is beyond us.

Henningsvaer Stadion in Norway
(Photo credit: My Best Place)

The Henningsvaer Stadion in Norway does not even look like a real football pitch because of the incredible scenery that surrounds it.

Located in the village of Lofoten Islands, players need to take a bridge to reach the pitch, which overlooks the incredible Norwegian Sea and the small islands that surround it, as well as snow-top mountains. Because of its spectacular beauty, the small area which is home to less than 25,000 residents, has become a popular tourist spot in the area.

Which one is your new dream football location?

Banner image from FIFA.

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