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5 Holiday Presents From ANTA You Can’t Go Wrong With

Christmas shopping can be stressful, but these gifts from ANTA are no-brainers and are sure to make your loved ones smile.

If you’re guilty of still needing to do some last-minute Christmas shopping for your loved ones, don’t worry. We’ve got you, fam!

We’ve put together five foolproof items from ANTA that will guarantee that you will be fondly remembered by the lucky recipients of your gifts.


Raise your hand if you agree that the most abused bag in your closet is the one you use for working out.

From nonchalantly throwing them around on all kinds of surfaces to carrying sweaty jerseys, socks, and even shoes, the gym bag is one of the items that wear down easily — anyone could use a new one. This bag is a great item because it combines style, ruggedness, and function as it offers all kinds of compartments.


Whoever brought this design back deserves a raise. Not only are these pants unbelievably airy and comfy for the wearer, but they will also never fall short in the swag department.

As the name suggests, you tear it away to remove and that’s easily the most badass way you can come out of your warmer and into the game. In our opinion, this should’ve never gone out of style and we’re beyond happy that we can get our hands on a pair again!


A T-shirt is such a typical gift — but not these ones.

The material ANTA uses for their shirts is what makes them great gifts. One touch of it and you’ll know that whoever receives this gift from you will be thanking you with a smile on their face each and every time they put this on. It’s just so thoughtfully made for active people that words don’t do it justice.


With the different styles and designs available from ANTA, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see this as a post-game or workout outfit for many athletes out there.

#4 ANTA Skate Ollie’s

The first time we saw this pair was during one of the recently concluded UAAP basketball games. Adamson’s Coach Nash Racela was rocking a pair and from that point on, we knew we had to have it. I mean how can you not want those?

They’re so effortlessly stylish and it’s so easy to picture yourself wearing them with chinos, jeans, shorts, and just about anything else.

P.S. Bigboy Cheng thinks they’re the bomb, too.

#5 KT8 ‘Home’

Speaking of can’t go wrong, the only way you’ll be wrong is if you don’t cop a pair of the KT8s.

Available in so many fantastic colorways, the toughest decision would be which one to get. For us, however, this one takes the cake if you’re a true fan of Klay. The sheer history and the number of details on this particular colorway have “MUST-HAVE” written all over it.


Let’s admit it. We’ll all be packing a little extra holiday weight over the next few days. And when that happens, we’ll be needing all the help and extra motivation that we can to get back on track. Sometimes, knowing you have the perfect outfit is all it takes to get you out of bed or on the couch and start sweating it out.

And with a wide selection of stylish items from head to toe that you can mix and match, why not get your girlfriend, wife, sister, or mom a new fit?

So there you have it. Drop by your nearest ANTA store and get that holiday shopping done. Thank us later when you’re loved ones show you how much they appreciated your presents!


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