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#TheGAMESummer in Costa Pacifica

5 Reasons Why a Stay in Costa Pacifica is a Win

Whether you’re seeking thrill or looking for a relaxing getaway, Costa Pacifica should be your go-to for enjoying all that Baler has to offer.

In The GAME’s recent exclusive getaway to Baler, Aurora, #TheGAMESummer, all the athletes and sports enthusiasts got the chance to experience the municipality from the comforts of Costa Pacifica, a vibrant resort destination.

And, The GAME was lucky enough to be welcomed by the General Manager of Sea and Sierra Vista, Inc. himself, Chris Orta, who introduced everyone to all that not only Costa Pacifica can offer, but the entire place as well. “It’s not just about Costa Pacifica — it’s about Baler,” he expresses. “We are just a small piece of the pie here in Aurora and it’s about developing human experiences here.”

Passionate about sharing all that they have to offer, we’ve picked up five reasons why you should make Costa Pacifica your home base in Baler, Aurora.

1. Costa Pacifica has a whole roster of choices for you

No matter where you come from or what your plans are in Baler, Aurora, Costa Pacifica is the teammate that has your back, as they have a whole roster of accommodations for you to choose from!

Costa Pacifica has 78 rooms, featuring different options that will cater to whatever you need, so you will definitely find one that suits you perfectly. You can even bring your pets! On top of this, it is also situated right next to the ocean, just a few steps away from its swimming pools.

But, apart from the popular Costa Pacifica, Sea and Sierra Vista, Inc. has even more that they offer in the municipality. Just a short walk away is another huddle of comfortable, deluxe rooms called Casitas, which was actually their group’s first development in Baler, Aurora.

Costa Pacifica
The view of the ocean and swimming pools of Costa Pacifica.

And to give you yet another reliable option, just a quick drive away, they also have their newly opened property, Cube, which was designed from well-built containers and can accommodate many more guests traveling to Baler. Just like Costa Pacifica, Cube also features an incredible pool where you can lounge around. And the best part is that no matter where you decide to stay, you will surely get to rely on their MVP-level service.

2. Their team is a champion of service

“I call our people the heart of the house,” General Manager Chris Orta shares. “Sure, we have rooms, food, and beverages, but more importantly, we provide service and we have people who are passionate about that.”

Chris further explained that the pandemic was an incredibly challenging period for their team, and he had to navigate this struggle with the utmost care because of all the passionate individuals with whom he works. Now, in the process of emerging on the other side of the pandemic, the love of service is perhaps all the more exemplified in the ladies and gentlemen who work at Costa Pacifica, serving each guest with a smile.

In the business of people, Costa Pacifica’s team definitely puts service as their top priority in their game plan when accommodating guests coming to enjoy the experience of Baler, Aurora.

3. There’s a lot to do after surfing!

When people think of Baler, Aurora, the common activity to expect is surfing — and rightfully so, as the waves on their beach are a unique feature of this tourist destination. So if you’re looking for a good place to surf not too far away from Metro Manila, Costa Pacifica is a great place to stay, as their rooms will guarantee that you are never more than a few steps from the ocean.

Costa Pacifica
Costa Pacifica offers more than just great accommodations — they offer service with a heart.

But, apart from surfing, Baler, Aurora has so many other activities that you can enjoy, especially if you are an athlete. Just a short drive away is Baler’s Moto Park for anyone who craves the adrenaline rush of motorsports. Here, you can enjoy getting down in the dirt with a motocross bike or an ATV — pick your poison.

The nature surrounding Baler, Aurora also means there are many other outdoor activities you can enjoy, such as hiking and trekking, soaking in the place’s unique ecotourism experiences.

Apart from these, Chris Orta also shared that they are exploring even more sports to bring to Baler in the near future, one of them being the popular sport of triathlon. “We have a great beach for swimming, and we’ve got great roads for cyclists and runners, so this is an area we are exploring. And bringing all these athletes here, we need to make sure we can provide good accommodations,” he shares.

4. You get the best of both worlds

Even the most avid adrenaline junkie appreciates time to wind down, relax, and enjoy slower-paced activities from time to time. And in Baler, you can get the best of both.

After the thrill-seeker in you is done hiking, trekking, surfing, and ATV-ing, Costa Pacficia’s services will be waiting to help you ease down and relax, as you can sip on some fresh buko juice by their pool, or enjoy the comforts of your deluxe rooms.

But one of the best ways to truly enjoy everything Costa Pacifica has to offer is to explore the Dicasalarin Cove, a private white beach famous for its white sand and clear blue waters. The General Manager himself tells us, the Cove is not to be missed.

5. There is always something new to look forward to

Like any sports team, Costa Pacifica is always looking for ways to improve, whether that be by adding more experiences that invite people to Baler, Aurora, or by creating more enhancements to their already amazing services.

“What we’re working on is making improvements to the resort, and also enhancements to our environmental responsibilities, and ensuring that all our properties reflect that,” Chris shares. “The immediate plan here is to make for a spectacular location for people to come and explore the beauty of Baler, and come away with a sense of euphoria from the place, and this touches into so much of what we can do here.”

Costa Pacifica
The waves are never too far away when you stay with Costa Pacifica!

As Chris mentioned himself, it is more than just Costa Pacifica — it is about the experience of Baler as a whole, and it is definitely not to be missed.

Images courtesy of Costa Pacifica.

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