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5 Reasons Why Jordan Clarkson is the Cool Dad

Apart from being a kickass NBA player, Jordan Clarkson is also a dad. But he’s not a regular dad—he’s a cool dad.

Jordan Clarkson is beloved by many for numerous reasons. He’s an NBA player for the Utah Jazz. He represents the Philippines and plays for Gilas Pilipinas. And, he’s a dad. The Filipino-American player has a four-year-old daughter named Cali. As she’s grown up, we’ve seen glimpses of her on Jordan’s social media, and we absolutely adore seeing him as a dad.

But Jordan Clarkson is not just a regular dad, he’s a cool dad. And here are five reasons why we think so.

1. When he calls from the road, he’s on the road.

On an Instagram post from last year captioned “road trippin dump”, he posted a screenshot of a video call with Cali, followed by photos of him playing in a different city. Being an NBA dad surely does not come easy, as a huge part of it means being away from family and loved ones. But even so, it looks like Jordan Clarkson makes a huge effort for his girl, making time to call her in between on-the-road games during the long NBA season.

Jordan Clarkson on video call with his daughter

It’s pretty cool getting to see your dad over a video call and then watching him play on TV where he was calling from.

2. He buys matching outfits.

Seeing Jordan Clarkson wearing matching outfits with Cali? Precious. We need more.

If you scroll through Jordan’s Instagram posts, you’ll see several photos of him and Cali in matching outfits, whether they’re dressed up for Halloween or they’re just sporting similar looks on a random day like it’s no big deal. Clarkson is widely known to be a style icon, with his sometimes bold fashion choices, and we love to see how he’s passing down his influence not just to his fans who try to emulate him, but to his daughter. Surely, Cali is going to grow up to be a stylish girl herself.

Jordan Clarkson with his daughter
3. He’s a dog dad, too.

I think we can all agree that being a dog dad adds to the parent-points. Jordan Clarkson gets it. Apart from being a dad to Cali, he’s also a dog dad. And of course, he couldn’t just get any dog — he had to adopt one that was every bit as fierce as he is. We all know the belief that dogs and owners tend to look alike. It seems to apply well in Jordan’s case. And with a fierce-looking dog, even as a pup, we’re sure that this one is going to grow up to become Cali’s guard dog for when Jordan’s on the road playing for the Utah Jazz or when he’s in the Philippines playing for Gilas Pilipinas.

Jordan Clarkson with his dog
4. He (probably) drops her off with the sickest cars.

Apart from being an NBA star, Jordan Clarkson is also a style icon. And part of that style shows in his car collection. When he brings Cali to school, he most likely turns heads before even stepping out of his ride. Part of his car collection includes a black Rolls Royce, and we’re sure we haven’t seen the extent of his collection just yet. Having cars like these surely means he’s got an affinity for sick rides, and it seems he’s passing this on to his daughter Cali.

Jordan Clarkson in his Rolls Royce

On her first birthday, he posted an image of her in a sick ride herself. Like father, like daughter. One day, she’ll be old enough to drive the cars in her dad’s collection, but for now, the miniature version surely works and probably makes all the other toddlers a little bit jealous too.

Jordan Clarkson's daughter Cali on her first birthday
5. Bring-your-kid-to-work day is on a different level.

And of course, possibly the biggest reason that Jordan Clarkson is the cool dad: he’s an NBA player. So whenever Cali wants to tag along to work, she gets to witness what it’s like to have one of the most sought-after jobs in the world. And it works both ways — I’m sure it is a huge source of inspiration and motivation for Jordan to have Cali in the stands or sitting courtside, where he can see her precious smile every time he hits the floor and makes his shots. It must be an incredible feeling, and it surely fuels him to do even better.

Jordan Clarkson carrying his daughter Cali before an NBA game

It’s probably equally a treat for Jordan to have his little girl in the stands when he’s training or playing a game. She may even be his secret good luck charm.

Photos from Jordan Clarkson’s Instagram.

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