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Kim Kianna Dy's sneaker collection

5 Staples in Kim Kianna Dy’s Sneaker Collection That Can Elevate Any Outfit

Kim Kianna Dy has a great sneaker collection, and every piece has its own role in her wardrobe.

Professional volleyball player Kim Kianna Dy has been a fashion icon for some time now. Even when she was still a Lady Spiker competing for De La Salle University, her sense of style has always been paired with her style of play on the court. As a social media starlet with over half a million subscribers on YouTube and nearly a million followers on Instagram, her many fans are always staying up to date with her personal life, and they especially love her shopping hauls.

We totally get it. She indeed has a great sense of style, and one thing we noticed is her great taste in sneakers. It isn’t always easy to use one’s shoes to elevate an outfit, so we took a little dive into Kim Kianna Dy’s shoe collection and how she styles her sneaker staples.

Timeless must-haves
Kim Kianna Dy wearing New Balance 550 sneakers
(Photo credit: Kim Kianna Dy on Instagram)
New Balance 550s in green
(Photo credit: Hypebeast)

The New Balance 550s gained huge popularity over the past couple of years, and while you may think that this is a trendy pair of shoes, it is actually one that many consider to be timeless. The design of the 550 is inspired by classic basketball shoes from the 80s. Taking on a very minimalist yet retro style, these shoes are easy to match.

We’ve spotted Kim Kianna Dy sporting the green New Balance 550s in her sneaker collection several times in different outfits, and while we love how she pairs it with green pieces in her closet, she’s proven that these shoes can go with anything, whether you’re wearing something casual or something a little more preppy.

A pop of red
Kim Kianna Dy wearing Air Jordan 1 Low sneakers in 'Gym Red'
(Photo credit: Kim Kianna Dy on Instagram)
(Photo credit: Hypebeast)

As the saying goes, everything needs a pop of red.

Red is a very bold color and when it comes to putting together an outfit, sometimes red pieces can feel like they will take over the whole look. But sometimes, that’s the point. Kim Kianna Dy’s Air Jordan 1 Low pair in ‘Gym Red’ showcases this — in a relatively simple look with neutral colors, her sneakers become the star and transform the vibe of her outfit. Having a pair of red shoes in your own sneaker collection will be perfect for when you need a little extra pop to elevate your entire look.

Matching pairs
Kim Kianna Dy wearing Air Jordan 1 Low x Travis Scott in 'Reverse Mocha'
(Photo credit: Kim Kianna Dy on Instagram)
Kim Kianna Dy and Dwight Ramos wearing Air Jordan 1 Low x Travis Scott in 'Reverse Mocha'
(Photo credit: Kim Kianna Dy on Instagram)

Most sneakers in anyone’s collection will usually have a white base with colored overlays, similar to Kim Kianna Dy’s red Jordans. But pairs with a darker, neutral base can play a huge role in your closet.

We love KKD’s Air Jordan 1 Low x Travis Scott in ‘Reverse Mocha’. The reverse color blocking of this pair brings out its deep colorway, allowing the shoes to shine even when she’s wearing a pair of light-colored trousers. The shoes help the pants shine, too — dark sneakers will work both ways for you. Pairs like these are such a good staple to have, even her boyfriend Dwight Ramos has his own to match with KKD.

Reliable trainers
Kim Kianna Dy wearing New Balance 530 sneakers.
(Photo credit: Kim Kianna Dy on Instagram)
New Balance 530s
(Photo credit: Zalando)

Sometimes, you might want to prioritize comfort over style, but we think you don’t need to sacrifice one over the other. The New Balance 530s, as seen on KKD, originated in the 90s and were designed for runners. This is why it has a very retro silhouette that can turn any outfit into something more sporty, and on top of this, this is also why these shoes are very comfortable.

For instance, Kim Kianna Dy has been spotted wearing the 530s in her sneaker collection while wearing long skirts, taking a more soft-girl look and turning it into something that resembles the athletic side of her personality more. Whether you’re in activewear or in a pair of slacks, these shoes will pair perfectly — trust us.

Kim Kianna Dy wearing Air Jordan 1s in 'Dark Mocha'
(Photo credit: Kim Kianna Dy on Instagram)
Air Jordan 1s in 'Dark Mocha'
(Photo credit: Sneaker Gallery)

Though they tend to be more striking and bolder than low-cut shoes, high-top sneakers are a classic. The high-top design was originally made for basketball players to provide ankle support, but these shoes have long since become a staple in fashion, with their ability to give any outfit, whether formal or casual, an edgy accent.

Kim Kianna Day’s sneaker collection is rounded out with a pair of Air Jordan 1s in ‘Dark Mocha’. We love how even though she uses the dark tones of her sneakers to tie in the rest of the colors of her outfit seamlessly, the shoes are also stars in themselves, the high ankle collar peeping out of her trousers.

Which sneaker staples do you want in your closet?

Banner images from Kim Kianna Dy on Instagram.

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