5 Teams You Need to Watch Out For in MSC 2024

5 Teams You Need to Watch Out For in MSC 2024

The Mid Season Cup has never been more stacked than this year.

With 23 teams participating in MSC 2024, all of them with their eyes on the million USD prize, the competition is sure to be fierce.

Everyone is bringing their A-game this year but there are five teams that we think might stand above everyone else.

Fnatic ONIC
5 Teams You Need to Watch Out For in MSC 2024
Fnatic ONIC during the M5 World Championship. (Photo from MOONTON Games)

This one’s a gimme but as the reigning MSC champions, Fnatic ONIC has a lot to prove. They didn’t have the cleanest regular season but they performed where it counts, taking MPL ID S13 with a convincing playoff run. Can they keep up this form and defend their championship?

All eyes are going to be on Fnatic ONIC’s newest member, Lutpi “Lutpiii” Ardianto. Raised up from their development team, Lutpiii has a lot riding on his shoulders for his first big international tournament. We’ll see if the rookie has what it takes to play against some of the best in the world. 

Cloud 9

Formerly known as BloodThirstyKings, the premier North American esports organization is taking this MSC run seriously. The team recently spent some time here in the Philippines, training themselves in the best MLBB region in the world. With the help of Filipino caster and coach Neil “Midnight” De Guzman, Cloud 9 is going to be a team that shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Liquid ECHO
5 Teams You Need to Watch Out For in MSC 2024
Liquid ECHO celebrating their MPL PH S13 grand finals victory. (Photo from MOONTON Games)

Between the two Filipino teams heading to MSC 2024, Liquid ECHO looks to be the favorite to take it all. It may be recency bias but they swept Falcons AP.Bren in the MPL PH S13 grand finals. Defeating the reigning world champions is no small feat, especially if you do it  4-0.

Liquid ECHO are also entering this tournament with a chip on their shoulders. Last year, they were defeated by Fnatic ONIC in the semifinals, leading to their third-place finish. Now with over a year of preparation, the team is looking to exact some sweet revenge if the opportunity arises.

Team Spirit
5 Teams You Need to Watch Out For in MSC 2024
Deus Vult, now known as Team Secret, during the M5 World Championship. (Photo from MOONTON Games)

Formerly known as Deus Vult, Team Spirit are looking like serious contenders in the tournament. While they didn’t make it to last year’s MSC, they proved themselves in the M5 World Championships, making it to the lower bracket semifinals before dropping to Blacklist International. With their core of Mathaios “Kid Bomba” Chatzilakos, Kemiran “Sunset Lover” Kochkarov, and Stanislav “SAWO” Reshnyak intact, they’ll give any of the teams in MSC 2024 a run for their money.

Selangor Red Giants

If there’s going to be a clear dark horse in MSC 2024 it has to be the undisputed champions of Malaysia. The Red Giants achieved the perfect regular season, ending at the top with zero game or match losses. They lost their perfect game record in the playoffs but in the end, no one was mighty enough to stand up against the Giants.

People are pointing to star Pinoy import John “Innocent” Banal for the team’s dominant success as he won both the regular season and grand finals MVP. Together with seasoned Filipino coach Michael “Arcadia” Bocado, the Red Giants are ready to crush any team that gets in their way.

Banner photo from MOONTON Games.

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