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Manila's New NBA Store in SM Mall of Asia

5 Things That We Loved About Manila’s New NBA Store

The new NBA store in SM Mall of Asia is the biggest one in the country yet, and trust us when we say that it’s a hooper’s paradise.

Last April 27, The GAME had the pleasure of sitting down with NBA’s Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum and NBA Asia’s Managing Director Hamez Sheikh to pick their brains.

One of the things they highlighted was how the organization’s goal is to bring as much of “The NBA experience” to this side of the planet.

Exactly one week later, they delivered on that promise.

The biggest and newest NBA store in the Philippines has just opened, in partnership with Titan 22. Located on the second floor of the SM Mall of Asia Entertainment Hall, the entire space is 500 square meters of prime retail real estate, doubling the size of what used to be their only store at SM Megamall. But more importantly, it also boasts a multitude of experiences guaranteed to delight every type of NBA fan out there.

Here is a list of five things that we experienced and absolutely loved about the new store!

1. Authentic & autographed merchandise
Manila's new NBA store has memorabilia from historic moments in the sport.
Jordan Clarkson’s game-used shoes from 2014-2015 are on display in the new NBA store.
Manila's new NBA store has memorabilia from the sport.
The Larry O’Brien trophy is only on display at the store for a limited time.

The autographed merchandise goes right at the top of the list for us.

While your eyes explore all the official jerseys, caps, and other NBA goodies, you’ll also find thoughtfully placed pieces of memorabilia here and there. From signed basketballs to game-worn shoes and framed jerseys hanging on the walls, the NBA store doubles as a “museum” as shoppers also get to look back at historical moments in the sport through these items.

2. The hardwood halfcourt and the giant LED
Manila's new NBA store has lots of fun features for basketball fans.
Imagine rewatching your favorite games and moments here. (Photo credit: NBA Store Philippines on Facebook)

With the giant LED placed behind and under the basket, the way the area is lit, and how the hardwood floors are surrounded by NBA merchandise in every direction that you look, it’s hard not to feel like you’re on the set of Inside The NBA.

As you look across from the hoop and see a couple of handsome leather couches, you almost expect Ernie, Shaq, Chuck, and Kenny to pop up and start talking (over one another — if you know, you know).

Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. But it’s definitely a special area in the store that offers yet another experience. And the best part is they play games and highlights on the screen all day long for fans to enjoy.

3. The journey through the entire store
There are many choices for hoopers in the new NBA store in the Philippines.
The new NBA store is not short of choices of all hooper essentials.

You can really tell that this store is an experience. It’s not a place where you go in, grab your stuff, pay, and exit. The multiple sections in the store clearly cater to a specific type of NBA fan. How specific, you ask? Allow us to try and tell you.

Of course, you’ll have your jerseys, shirts, shoes, caps, and basketballs, right? Pretty standard stuff for NBA fans. But apart from these staples, the new NBA store also features a Funko Display case, an NBA 2K gaming area designed for two players, and an entire portion specific for vintage items.

Now that’s extra special!

4. The way that the items are displayed
The new NBA store in the Philippines is the biggest one yet.
From merchandise to hooper gear, and from memorabilia to fun trinkets, the NBA store has it all. (Photo credit: NBA Store Philippines on Facebook)

There are a lot of items — a loooot.

But, the way that they are displayed is very friendly to the eyes. The NBA store is not going to overwhelm you, but rather, encourage you to look around even more. Obviously, it has to do with the fact that it’s purposely displayed to appeal to the fans of players or ball clubs. The way the items are showcased, you get to see each and every item available in the store without even touching a rack. You have to see it to believe it.

5. The way every wall is used

From player murals to original artworks and even a wall where you can measure how tall you are in comparison to Steph Curry and Nikola Jokic, all of the walls of the NBA store have something different to offer — and we mean all of them.

Even the nooks above the shoe racks have our favorite players on them. All of this just shows the level of attention to detail that went into planning this store. Kudos!

That wraps it up for our five faves about the newly-opened NBA store in Manila. But don’t take our word for it. We highly recommend that you drop by and experience it for yourself.

Banner image from NBA Store Philippines on Facebook.

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