Filipina fencer Maxine Esteban

5 Things to Know About Fencing Phenom Maxine Esteban

She is a fencing star in the Philippines, and her talents definitely show for it. These are five facts about Maxine Esteban.

Even though fencing is a niche sport, you have probably heard the name, Maxine Esteban. This is because she is one of the top fencers from the Philippines who has made headlines, time and time again, with the success she has earned from many international competitions over the years.

If you’ve heard the name before, let’s get to know Maxine a little bit better with these five fast facts about this fencing phenom.

1. She is the highest-ranked fencer in the Philippines
Maxine Esteban fencing
(Photo credit: Maxine Esteban on Instagram)

Maxine Esteban is the top Filipino fencer, as she is currently ranked No. 84 in the world, which isn’t even her best yet, as she has previously reached World No. 62 on the World Senior Rankings.

At only 22 years old, this is likely only just the beginning for Maxine, especially as she is evidently working hard towards achieving her dreams as an athlete.

2. She is a UAAP fencing star
Maxine Esteban wins gold medal for fencing in UAAP Season 81
(Photo credit: Maxine Esteban on Instagram)

After her first year competing for Ateneo de Manila University in UAAP Season 81, Maxine Esteban won two major awards: Rookie of the Year and MVP.

And this was just in her first year as a Blue Eagle. She would go on to become a four-time UAAP champion.

3. She has competed in major international competitions
Maxine Esteban fencing
(Photo credit: Maxine Esteban on Instagram)

Maxine has competed in the World Cup for Fencing multiple times. In 2018, she won the bronze medal in the Women’s Foil Senior Individual Category in the Senior World Cup. The following year, she finished in seventh place in the same category at the Junior World Cup.

But 2022 really marked one of her biggest years, as she finished in the top 64 in three consecutive World Cup tournaments, and she also competed in the World Championships in Cairo.

She is truly a distinguished athlete with many remarkable performances to already look back on, even at such a young age.

4. She is multi-talented
Filipina fencer Maxine Esteban plays the violin
(Photo credit: Maxine Esteban on Instagram)

Apart from fencing, which Filipino sports fans know Maxine Esteban for, she actually has other talents to show off. On top of being an athlete, she is also a musician and enjoys playing the violin. In addition, she also grew up competing in a different sport: ice skating.

Talent runs deep in her blood.

Filipina fencer Maxine Esteban graduated from the University of Pennsylvania
(Photo credit: Maxine Esteban on Instagram)

Her talents also extend to the world of academia, as she recently graduated Summa Cum laude from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree, majoring in Leadership and Communications.

5. She is chasing her Olympic dream
Filipina fencer Maxine Esteban
(Photo credit: Maxine Esteban on Instagram)

When The GAME got the chance to speak with Maxine in 2022, she revealed her major goal: to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics. And as part of her journey to reach that goal, she has recently decided to switch her nationality from the Philippines to the Ivory Coast.

As a naturalized citizen, the Philippine Fencing Association approved her transfer and requested the International Fencing Federation (FIE) to waive the three-year residency rule so Maxine can continue competing as soon as possible.

Maxine believes that this transfer will allow her to develop her skill and talent in the smaller fencing community of Cote d’Ivoire.

Representing the Philippines or not, Maxine Esteban will surely always be seen as the fencing phenom that she has always been viewed as, and many Filipino fans will nonetheless be rooting for her on her journey to the Olympics.

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