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5 ways to make your sports-themed Halloween costume even better

Halloween can be tricky for sports fans and athletes. That’s because as much as we just want to put on our favorite jerseys, it usually ends up just looking like any other outfit.

But since Halloween is a once-a-year affair, for those of you throwing on the fan merch, here are a few ways to step up your costume game. You know, to avoid looking like you’re just headed to another Sunday viewing party of the next game on your schedule.

1. Head-to-Toe

Choosing a sports-themed Halloween costume doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, there are easy ways to make it look like you put in a lot more effort than you actually did. And one way to do that is to fully send it and go for the whole look. We’re talking head-to-toe.

So if you want to go as a basketball or football player, get the whole uniform: jersey, shorts, and socks. You can even add sweatbands or compression pants to step up the whole look.

Or if you’re going as a tennis player, choose a classy Wimbledon outfit: all white all around.

And if you’re going as an American football or baseball player, don’t skimp on the gear. Go for that helmet to tie in the whole look (and add some bling too).

The list goes on, and the sources of inspiration you can get are endless. If you look like an actual player, no one can say you didn’t put in the effort.

2. Go for the face paint

Another way to step up your Halloween costume game is to add another easy layer to the mix: face paint.

Whether you’re dressing as an athlete or as a sports fan, you could always do with a little color on the cheeks. Or, if you’re feeling bold enough, on the whole face. Fans do it all the time at games—why not match that energy for your Halloween party this weekend?

Paint your face on halloween

Sport your team’s colors in full, if you dare. This takes the whole “head-to-toe” advice to the next level.

Paint your face on halloween

Or, if you’re dressing as an athlete, color in those black lines under your eyes to round out the whole look. Everyone will know you’re not here to play—you’re here to compete.

Fun fact: athletes actually paint black lines under their eyes to absorb light, preventing glare from getting in the way of their vision. Now you have a full athlete look, plus a fun fact to share with everyone.

3. Commit to the equipment

As we mentioned earlier, to step up your costume game, you have to go for the full look. And the full look also includes the equipment.

Show up to your party and pose for pictures holding a ball, a racquet, a bat, a club, a helmet—any little detail that makes you look like you showed up ready for a game.

Just don’t break any vases at your friend’s house by throwing the ball around too much. Keep in mind you’re only dressing like a player for the night.

4. Go for an off-court look

Now, if you’re not really in the mood to dress up in a full sporting outfit, or if you just didn’t have the time to buy the full look, athletes make it easy for us nowadays. You can copy one of their iconic off-court outfits.

Here are a few ideas for you, care of some fashionable NBA players:

Be Jordan Clarkson for Halloween

Take a gray skirt and a gray vest, and you’re Jordan Clarkson.

Be Serge Ibaka for Halloween

Grab a curtain (or a carpet), wrap it around your neck, and you’re Serge Ibaka.

Be Kyle Kuzma for Halloween

Find a really oversized pink sweater, and you’re Kyle Kuzma.

5. Recruit a whole team

As sports fans, we know that cheering for games and supporting our players isn’t half as fun if you aren’t sharing it with other people. So, one final way to step up your look is to have everyone else go for it too.

A player alone with a full-on outfit will look great. But a player with an entire team with them too? Even better.

Who says sports-themed Halloween costumes need to be boring? Tell us who you’re going as this year!