Life lessons from Ted Lasso

7 Lessons From Ted Lasso That Every Athlete Should Live By

Believe. Be a goldfish. Be curious, not judgmental. Which life lessons do you apply in your life?

Ted Lasso is one of the best sports shows out there. And if you haven’t seen it yet, bookmark this article and come back to it after you’ve seen all three seasons. Trust us, it will be worth it.

But if you have already watched the show, then this one is for you. What makes Ted Lasso so beloved by so many fans — even by non-football fans — is because of the life lessons the stories leave with their viewers.

There are many to choose from. But, we’re rounding up seven of the biggest life lessons we’ve learned from AFC Richmond over the course of three seasons.

DISCLAIMER: Spoilers ahead!

1. Be a goldfish.

Let’s start with one of the most popular Ted Lasso life lessons: “Be a goldfish.”

(In case anyone might have forgotten: it’s because goldfish have 10-second memories. Or so Ted says.)

Whether on the pitch or on the court or off of it entirely, it is important to remind ourselves that some things just aren’t that deep. If we miss a goal, a shot, or make a mistake, sometimes the best course of action isn’t to dwell on why things went wrong — rather, we might be better off just shrugging it off and focusing on what’s next.

3. It’s okay to be vulnerable.
Ted Lasso
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There are many scenes in Ted Lasso that can help us learn this lesson: all of the Diamond Dogs meetings; when the players, and even Ted, sought help from the team’s sports psychologist; when Jamie started opening up about his strained relationship with his dad; and many others.

This is a good reminder that being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. All of these moments in the show helped every character improve, showing that vulnerability can serve as a stepping stone to growth.

3. Support one another.
Ted Lasso
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Of course, showing vulnerability cannot go without being supportive of those around you. Think of how Roy helped Jamie train to become a better player, or when Colin came out to the rest of the team and they accepted him completely.

Jamie and Colin are only two examples of many in Ted Lasso who both came out the other side of it as better players because of the support they received. So if you’re willing to ask for help, be willing to offer it when you can too.

4. Pay attention.
Ted Lasso
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In the third season of Ted Lasso, AFC Richmond following the playing philosophy of ‘Total Football.’ This allows for free flowing football, where positions are not set as strict rules, and players support one another by being aware of what roles need to be fulfilled in every changing moment.

In sports, adjustments need to be made constantly, whether you’re playing an individual or team sport. To be a good player, you need to be consistently asking yourself, “What does this situation need right now?” and responding accordingly.

Change is inevitable. Pay attention to changes, and be as flexible as you can be.

5. Be curious, not judgmental.

One of the main lessons of the entire Ted Lasso series is centered on this quote. To be curious instead of judgmental is to approach things with empathy. You see empathy when Ted forgives Rebecca, when the team supports Ted despite his panic attacks, when Roy hugs Jamie after a fight with his dad — there are many great examples to name.

Everyone has their own mountain to climb. So whether it is your teammate, manager, or even your kit man, approach everyone’s actions with a touch of empathy, especially in the moments when it’s hard to do so.

6. Find the fun.

After years of competing, it’s easy to lose oneself in competition. We saw this in the second season of Ted Lasso when Isaac, taking on the role of team captain, took his job very seriously and it began affecting his performances negatively.

As a result, Roy took Isaac back to where he started playing football as a kid to remind him of how every player starts out — by simply having fun. Not only did his playing improve, but his energy as a leader did too.

Passion is a powerful tool athletes shouldn’t forget to use when needed.

7. Believe.
Ted Lasso
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Can we really go without saying it? This can mean whatever you want it to mean because belief is a powerful thing.

Believe in yourself; Believe in your teammates; Believe that anything is possible; Believe in the goodness of others; Believe in the process; Believe in your hard work.

Belief can be scary sometimes because it entails hope, and yes, it is the hope that kills you sometimes. But even so, does any athlete really ever go into a match without any little bit of belief? Probably not. So even on the days when the odds are stacked against you, find whatever belief you have inside you, no matter how small, and let that flame burn.

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