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Mountain Bike Trails Near Manila

7 Mountain Bike Trails Near Manila For an Easy Getaway

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced biker, you can get the adrenaline rush you’ve been craving from these mountain bike trails near Manila.

Over the last few years, mountain biking has become more and more popular, even in busy urban areas like Metro Manila. And thankfully, there are now a lot of mountain bike trails near Manila that are easy to get to.

If you’re ready for a new adventure this weekend, pump your tires and get your bikes ready — here are seven spots you can easily head over to:

Nuvali Trails
Nuvali Mountain Bike Trail
(Photo credit: Camp N Trail System at Nuvali on Facebook)

Nuvali has many of the most popular mountain bike trails near Manila for good reason. For one thing, they are very accessible and sit just outside Metro Manila, and for another thing, they are great for beginners.

If you’re still getting the hang of mountain biking, make sure to hit the bike trails around Nuvali. They have an off-road bike trail that extends up to 50 kilometers that features different levels of challenges such as climbs and slopes. Plus, you can treat yourself to the many shops and restaurants in the area to reward yourself after your ride.

Camp Sinai
Camp Sinai Mountain Bike Trail
(Photo credit: Bike to It on Instagram)

Camp Sinai, which is also known as Mt. Baytangan, is another popular mountain bike trail near Manila. The area has been well-developed for the most part, which means that you won’t need to worry too much about muddy areas.

Camp Sinai sits 455 meters above sea level. Although this trail is not as beginner-friendly, given its steep climbs and narrow paths, bikers truly love the challenge because the view at the peak is well worth it, where there is a cafe to soak in the scenery.

Filinvest Alabang Bike Trail
Filinvest Alabang Bike Trail
(Photo credit: Filinvest City)

Heading down to the south of Metro Manila, the Filinvest Alabang Bike Trail is another great place that welcomes beginners to advanced riders.

Right in the middle of the hotels and buildings, Filinvest features a singletrack trail that goes up to around five kilometers across eight different courses with varying slopes. Some spots are more challenging than others, but overall, this is a great place to test out and improve your skills on the mountain bike.

Vermosa MX and Bike Trail
Vermosa MX and Bike Trail
(Photo credit: Vermosa MX and Bike Trail on Facebook)

The Vermosa MX and Bike Trail in Cavite boasts a spacious off-road area that is perfect for a biker who wants to test out or train new tricks.

This is one of the mountain bike trails near Manila that features pump tracks, berms, and jump sections to really give you that boost of adrenaline. But, if you prefer a more relaxed ride, they also have other bike trails with simpler slopes and climbs, making this a great spot for bikers at different levels.

Twin Lakes Bike Trail
The Twin Lakes Bike trail is one of the scenic mountain bike trails near Manila
(Photo credit: Valley Bikes)

Going up for a weekend trip to Tagaytay? Make room in your car for your bike, because the Twin Lakes Bike Trail is a great place for trail biking.

This mountain bike trail stretches across a 2.5-kilometer loop with lots of climbs, slopes, twists, and turns that will excite any biker, from beginners to advanced riders. Plus, when you reach the peak of the trail, you’ll even get to enjoy the view of Taal Lake, making for a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila.

Fort Bonifacio Army Mountain Bike Trail
The Fort Bonifacio Army MTB Trail is a mountain bike trail near Manila
(Photo credit: Fort Bonifacio Army MTB Trail on Facebook)

Are you looking for a course that will offer you a challenge? The Fort Bonifacio Army Mountain Bike Trail will definitely give you that.

This is a singletrack bike trail that spans around two kilometers long, featuring a lot of challenging bends and jumps that professional bikers love. And as it sits right in the middle of the Metro, it’s a challenge that you can come back to relatively often.

Timberland Heights
Timberland Heights is one of the most popular mountain bike trails near Manila.
(Photo credit: Ariana Evangelista on Instagram)

Finally, we have the well-known Timberland Heights (also referred to as Mt. Maarat in Rizal), a spot for a biker who wants to get stronger.

Bikers call this spot the Philippines’ “Mountain Biking Capital” because of its steepness. Once you enter the lower area of Timberland, you’ll meet what they call “The Wall” — a paved trail with a 50-degree uphill that spans over five kilometers with sharp turns and heavy climbs. This one isn’t recommended for beginners, so make sure you come here ready to be challenged.

So, where are you biking next?

Banner images from Specialized on Instagram.

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