Super Bowl LVII

7 Weird Predictions Fans Bet on During the Super Bowl

From the coin toss outcome to the length of the national anthem, these are the strangest bets made in Super Bowl LVII.

Sports betting has always been a huge market. Sports fans love to bet on their favorite teams and players. And the rise of social media and the internet has made sports betting just that much more accessible.

A record 50.4 million adults in the United States reportedly bet a total of $16 billion on Super Bowl LVII — more than double of last year. And they weren’t just betting on score outcomes and player stats. They were also betting on other strange potential outcomes, referred to as “prop bets.”

These are some of the funniest and most unique bets that fans were making at Super Bowl LVII.

1. How long will the national anthem last?

It’s a common misconception that you need to know a lot about the technical parts of American Football to bet on the Super Bowl, especially when you can simply bet on how long you think the national anthem will last.

On betting websites such as DraftKings or FanDuel, some people bet on whether or not they thought the national anthem would last more or less than 119.5 seconds.

2. Which songs will Rihanna open and close with at the halftime show?

As we said, you don’t need to be an NFL fan to bet on the Super Bowl. You can simply be a Rihanna fan — and who isn’t, anyway? — and bet on which songs you think she would have sung first and last.

If you bet on B*tch Better Have My Money as her opener and Diamonds as her closer, you could’ve stood to win some great odds.

3. What is the jersey number of the first player to score a touchdown?

You may have better odds knowing the players of both teams to guess the jersey number of the first player to score a touchdown.

But you also might be surprised to find out that players who sport numbers between 80 to 99 have better chances of scoring the first touchdown, which on Caesars lists +330 odds.

You might want to keep that in mind for next year.

4. What Gatorade color will be poured on the winning head coach?

Definitely, one of the most fun bets to think about is the color of Gatorade that the winning team will be pouring on their head coach after the game.

A tradition known as the “Gatorade shower,” this is something that a lot of people think about and expect after every Super Bowl. Fun fact: yellow and green were two of the favorites this year.

5. What will the coin toss outcome be?

This may not give you the best payout, as a coin toss gives you a 50-50 chance of winning. Nonetheless, this is still something easy you can bet on, especially if you’re not too interested in the Super Bowl game itself.

If you guessed that the coin toss at yesterday’s Super Bowl would have come out tails, you would have been right.

6. Will there be a Scorigami?

A “Scorigami” refers to a score that hasn’t been recorded in an NFL game before, and betting on a Scorigami gives big profits to bettors.

DraftKings offered +2000 odds for a Scorigami to happen.

7. Will a kicker hit the goalpost?

It’s difficult to predict whether or not a kicker of either team will hit the goalpost. But yesterday, if you bet that one would, you would have won the bet.

So with all these fun prop bets in mind, which one do you think you could have predicted in order to win some extra dough in your pocket?

Banner image from NFL on Twitter.

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