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A Crown Reclaimed: What Makes Blacklist International’s Royal Duo Truly Royal

Ohmyv33nus and Wise (AKA VeeWise) reflect on their MLBB pro careers and how their perspectives set them apart as 3-time MPL-PH champions.

After taking a break in Season 9, Johnmar “Ohmyv33nus” Villlaluna and Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario have won their third MPL-PH championship in two years. While the head that wears the crown may be heavy, the beloved “VeeWise” tandem has not only displayed incredible skill in the game of MLBB, but also a championship mentality that gives them the strength to carry that crown with grace.

The GAME sat down with the Royal Duo to unravel their experiences and insights that truly make them royal, as well as a few reflections they have gathered from their legendary career.

A rise unlike any other

Like all MLBB pro players, VeeWise started their careers as rookies. What made them special coming into the MPL-PH however, was the fact that they were already competing for the highest title in the land as rookies. Donning the yellow and black for ONIC Philippines in Season 4, Ohmyv33nus and Wise were a minion hit short of winning their first MPL-PH championship, succumbing only to the infamous “isang one hit na lang” moment against Sunsparks.

Six seasons and a high-profile move to Blacklist International later, both Ohmyv33nus and Wise have grown to become battle-hardened from their experiences, displaying an impervious poker face whenever competing in the Land of Dawn.

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This mature outlook on the game seems to ring especially loud for Ohmyv33nus, who leads Blacklist International as the squad’s captain: “As a Captain, dapat ikaw yung may unbreakable spirit sa team kasi sayo sila kukuha ng lakas kapag nalulugi na, kapag parang matatalo na dapat ikaw yung magppush sakanila na ‘Kaya ‘to, magtiwala kayo sakin.’”

This never-say-die attitude makes up a huge element of the Royal Duo’s regality. After all, even the Queen Victoria of England herself once said: “We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist.”

The royal decree

Looking back at their whirlwind careers, the Royal Duo certainly feels no regret despite all of the trials and tribulations they had to endure. When asked if they had a message to themselves before they became champions, Wise had only had words of assurance for his younger self, sharing: “Sasabihin ko sa sarili ko na nasa tamang daan ka kaya chill ka lang, kasi makakamit mo rin lahat ng minamanifest mo basta ituloy mo lang pagiging masipag sa gusto mo at kung saan ka masaya.”

The Queen also wished to validate her former self for all of the hard work she has done and the wild journey that will be on her way to greatness.

Image from MPL Philippines

“For my old self, gusto ko sabihin na worth it lahat ng hirap mo during those days na nagsusumikap ka pa lang pumasok sa proscene. Sasabihin ko na wag muna siya susuko kasi malapit na siya sa pangarap niya at pangarap para sa family niya.”

Johnmar “Ohmyv33nus” Villaluna sends a message to a version of herself three years from the past

With the MSC title being the last realm they have yet to conquer, the VeeWise tandem reiterated that while the door is never closed in completing their trophy cabinet, their sights remain set on being the first ever back-to-back World champions, adding: “We treat every tournament naman equally. Gusto namin ibigay yung best namin for the team, the management, fans, and especially sa family namin. When it comes to legacy, syempre maganda rin naman mag-look back if we get a back-to-back championship in M4.”

As icons and exemplars

Beyond being champions, the Royal Duo have become role models not just in the MLBB community but to the entire Filipino esports scene. Consistently expressing awareness and appreciation for all of their beloved Agents in every post-match conference, Wise had this to say to every MLBB player who aspires to be like them in the near future.

“Always know your playstyle siguro, kasi ikaw nakakakilala sa sarili mo. Sipag lang and pag andiyan yung opportunity, talagang alagaan mo kasi minsan lang yan eh, nasasayo yan paano mo iingatan and palalakihin.”

Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario’s advice to those who look up to him as an MLBB player

Beyond being a mere theme or a moniker, the genuine royalty that exists within VeeWise stems truly from their humble demeanor and unmatched professionalism in engaging with the sport of MLBB. If anything is for certain, it is that the Royal Duo have irrefutably proven that they sit on a throne that has been duly earned.

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