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A new player on the scene: One Mega Group launches The Business Manual

One Mega Group has proven that they are a powerhouse in the Philippine publishing industry with many esteemed media brands under their belt. From the fashion brand MEGA, to society title Lifestyle Asia, and our own sports brand, The GAME, One Mega Group has its footing in every door.

Now, the company is excited to introduce the newest title to its roster: The Business Manual.

The Business Manual is the Philippines’ first online subscription-based business website. And although this industry is often seen as technical and intimidating, this is where the media brand comes in.

All Things Business

The Business Manual is here to cater to aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and young professionals looking to learn the ropes in the field. After all, One Mega Group’s CEO, Archie Carrasco, understands the challenges himself.

“I understand firsthand the value of having someone give you your ‘big break’—to teach you the skills that you need and introduce you to the right people in order for you to succeed in business,” he shares. “I am where I am today and I have seen many of my dreams come to fruition because once upon a time, Ms. Sari [Yap] saw my potential, took me under her wing, and gave me my life-changing break.”

“This is why we established The Business Manual: I want to pay it forward and help Filipinos who have a brilliant business idea, but may not know how to execute it, or entrepreneurs who don’t know the right people to help take their business to the next level,” he adds.

To make this vision a reality, The Business Manual will offer a unique way of capturing the business scene, especially in the country.

Inform, Involve, Inspire

As the first online subscription-based business platform, The Business Manual is here to provide everything there is to know in the industry.

The Business Manual’s website

With the brand’s debut coming this month, their website will feature exclusive interviews, cover stories, and how-to’s, accessible after paying an annual subscription fee of only PHP120. However, there will also be free content that readers can easily access.

As a new media brand, The Business Manual aims to redefine the business scene with content driven by 3 i’s: informing, involving, and inspiring entrepreneurs.

New Players

Leading the media brand’s team, Editor-in-Chief RJ Ledesma shares, “The Business Manual looks forward to inspiring and motivating my fellow businesspeople and entrepreneurs through our in-depth features and engaging tutorials to successfully navigate their own businesses to survive and thrive in the post-New Normal environment.”

The Business Manual’s Editor-in-Chief RJ Ledesma
The Business Manual’s Managing Editor Diane Go

Alongside Ledesma is also OneMega.com’s former Senior Associate Editor, Diane Go. “With many small businesses on the rise here in the country, I believe that The Business Manual will be a good avenue for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to learn and grow by example, as we will be featuring many success stories and highlights from the veterans and experts themselves moving forward,” the Managing Editor shares.

It truly is an exciting time to be in business. With The Business Manual here to make the industry easier, more approachable, and in many ways, more exciting, this is where future success stories begin.

You can visit The Business Manual on their website.

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