All Systems Go for Canelo vs GGG 3

Seeing two of the biggest names in their division finally clash is always a special thing. Seeing it thrice, all the more. A matchup that was once deemed unlikely to happen due to a number of reasons now is about to go down for a third time. We are just moments away from the trilogy of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin “GGG”.

Here’s a quick recap of what happened so far:

Canelo vs GGG (September 2017)

The first meeting between the Mexican and the Kazakh ended with a big question mark on the faces of boxing fans worldwide. There’s just no going around the fact that the decision did not do justice to what actually happened on top of the ring.

While Canelo scored the more eye-catching punches from the fight, his activity was few and far between. GGG controlled most of the fight and he was the obvious ring general as he dictated both the pace and where the exchanges took place. Overall, to the learned boxing fan, the fight was close but it was also clear that the Kazakh did more.

What really marred this showdown with controversy (and ridicule) was Judge Adelaide Byrd’s 118-110 scorecard which was just absolutely bonkers. There isn’t anyone else on the planet who saw GGG lose 10 rounds to Canelo that night. Absolutely no way.

The official decision: Split Draw (114-114, 113-115, 118-110)

Community consensus: GGG won 7 rounds to 5; 8 rounds to 4 for some even

Canelo vs GGG 2 (September 2018)

With the controversy from the first fight, both fighters were intent on making a statement during the rematch that followed just a year later. As the scorecards show, this was a competitive battle between the two hard hitters. With both having their moments and landing their signature punches on one another in dramatic fashion, it was a treat for fight fans to behold.

GGG, 36 at the time of the rematch, was thought by most to be likely encounter stamina issues. And early in the fight, it seemed that those who said this would be correct as Canelo was able to impose his will early and seemed to outwork his rival. Surprisingly however, it was Canelo who slowed down towards the last 4 rounds — which, you guessed it, made for more controversy on the cards!

The official decision: Canelo by majority decision (114-114, 115-113, 115-113)

Community consensus: Canelo won a close fight

Canelo vs GGG 3 (September 2022)

4 years and 2 fights later, closure is still demanded from this rivalry. Hence, the trilogy. After 24 rounds of seeing them duke it out, here are some interesting points which we’ve elected to flesh out heading into round 25:

  1. 0 knockdowns — despite these two fighters landing their signature blows on one another (which saw their lesser opponents crumble to the ground), neither Canelo or GGG have come close to touching the canvas. A testament to their solid chins and their conditioning as well.
  1. 168 lbs — with their first two clashes taking place with a 160lb (middleweight) weight limit, the third fight takes place at the super middleweight division. Once upon a time, Canelo was viewed as the smaller fighter between the two but quite curiously, he’s now the one with more experience fighting at heavier weight classes.
  1. Canelo is coming off a (bad) loss — finding out the hard way that he crossed a bridge too far with the Light Heavyweight champion Bivol, Canelo finds himself in unfamiliar territory. Normally wearing an aura of invincibility, the Mexican isn’t riding a winning streak coming into this meeting.
  1. Neither fighter wants this to go to the judges scorecards — while this isn’t exactly new information, the reason we point this out is because of the context. GGG, who feels that he actually won both fights, most certainly doesn’t want to leave this to the hands of the judges once again. On the other hand, Canelo has been broadcasting that the fight will end inside of 12 rounds.

Better break out the popcorn as we’re only moments away from finding out what the next chapter holds!