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An insider’s view: NBA players’ podcasts you can get the tea from

You can get opinions about NBA games and players everywhere. And now, you can get them from the players’ themselves on their podcast shows.

There are now countless NBA and sports podcasts today. Everyone wants their turn in the spotlight to share their views, opinions, and analysis on games and players.

A lot of them have been successful in doing so. Shows like The Ringer and First Take are now household names in the world of sports podcasts.

And now, more NBA players themselves want a chance to voice their own opinions too. Here are three podcasts by some of the league’s biggest stars.

The Draymond Green Show

The Draymond Green Show was first released in November 2021 and it is hosted by no other than Draymond Green himself (shocker).

The recent NBA champion is one of the league’s most talked about characters, especially in terms of how outspoken he can be. Now, he has a platform where he can freely speak his mind.

Although the show’s description reads “He will give his unfiltered thoughts on the NBA, music, tech, and more…”, he mostly discusses topics in the NBA. But we’re definitely here for unfiltered access.

Our favorite episode so far is his championship recap where he addresses the haters.

If you followed the last NBA finals series between the Warriors and the Celtics religiously, you’ll wanna give this one a listen.

The ETCs with Kevin Durant

Another one of the controversial names in the NBA, Kevin Durant also has his thoughts to share.

Though the podcast is entitled “The ETCs with Kevin Durant”, he shares the spotlight with media personality Eddie Gonzalez. As a pair, the two have “candid conversations” about topics ranging from basketball (of course) to movies and music.

The ETCs with KD also host celebrities on their show as well. They’ve had guests from the music industry like J. Cole and Roddy Ricch, as well as fellow NBA stars like Charles Barkley and Isaiah Thomas.

One of our favorites is their latest release:

In the latest episode, they discuss the NBA draft, an inside scoop on the Brooklyn Nets, plus Drake’s newest album. If you want an early pregame for the upcoming NBA season or just want to compare thoughts on Drake, give this one a listen.

Pull Up with CJ McCollum

A lot of us might forget that NBA player CJ McCollum was a former journalism major at Lehigh University. So it’s no wonder he’s a natural hosting his podcast, Pull Up.

McCollum has been at this for a while, his first episode trailing back all the way to 2018. But like Draymond and KD’s podcasts, CJ also gives his unfiltered opinions and thoughts on the NBA. And you can bet that he’s shared a lot in the last four years.

While most of his episodes revolve around the NBA, he does touch on other topics too. He’s discussed other leagues like the NFL, music artists, and even emojis…?

Sounds random, but it is entertaining.

One of our favorite moments on his show is when he opened up about the Pelicans’ loss to the Phoenix Suns, ending his season. If you’re up to relive the drama that unfolded last season, hit play.

With NBA stars now bringing their own opinions to the table where it used to be dominated by outsiders in the media, it’s truly a unique time to be an NBA fan.

Whose podcasts are you listening to?