Ap.Bren M5 Grand Finals Champion

AP.Bren Unveils Their Choice for the M5 Champions Skin

We also get a tease of our very first Finals MVP Skin.

The Philippines’ very own AP.Bren, the M5 World Champions, have officially confirmed their choice for their champion skin. They have chosen the mystical marksman Brody as the hero they will co-design with Mobile Legends developer MOONTON Games.

This honor is one of the perks teams get for winning the biggest MLBB tournament in the world. This also marks the second time the organization received a champion skin, the first being Lancelot back in M2.

AP.Bren Unveils Their Choice for the M5 Champions Skin
(Image from MOONTON Games)

“We feel that Brody has been a big part of our success in the M5 series. This hero has helped our team consistently and ultimately helped retain the PH era of MLBB. We want this hero to represent our team’s success inside the game and for our fans to be part of that success by owning the skin and enjoying it,” says Jab Escutin, AP.Bren Director. 

Additionally, MOONTON Games will give David “FlapTzy” Canon the opportunity to co-design the very first Finals MVP skin. He’s chosen the brawling boxer Paquito, an appropriate choice in more ways than one. After all, Paquito is an MLBB hero inspired by Manny Pacquiao, one of the world’s greatest professional boxers.

AP.Bren Unveils Their Choice for the M5 Champions Skin
(Image from MOONTON Games)

“This is the first FMVP skin in MLBB’s history and I am very honored to be the first M series MVP to receive his very own FMVP Skin. I like Paquito because I feel that he represents my personality as a player. He is very aggressive to protect his teammates but also very focused on the different objectives that the team needs to win,” said the veteran EXP Laner. 

MOONTON Games and AP.Bren are currently discussing the finer details of these M5 champions skins which are expected to launch in September 2024.

Banner photo from MOONTON Games.

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