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Athlete’s Choice: Your Favorite Athlete’s Favorite Teams

Our favorite athletes are just like us sometimes—they’re fans of sports too. Here are the favorite teams of some of the biggest athletes.

A lot of us sports fans look to our favorite athletes with awe and admiration, many of us seeing them as legends.

But athletes are humans too, and just like us, they also look up to other athletes perhaps with even the same awe and admiration as us. Here are some of the favorite teams of the biggest athletes in the world.

Emma Raducanu

Tennis star (and now a fashion icon), Emma Raducanu is a huge motorsports fan.

She shared in an interview with Tennis World that she was introduced to motorsports as early as the age of six, and she is also an ambassador for Porsche.

She also revealed that her favorite Formula 1 driver is the Mclaren’s Daniel Ricciardo. Although she is British like Ricciardo’s teammate Lando Norris, Emma shared in the interview that she appreciates his “laid-back style”.

Daniel Ricciardo

Speaking of Daniel Ricciardo, he himself is a sports fan outside of the world of motorsports too.

In F1: Beyond The Grid’s podcast episode featuring Daniel Ricciardo, he revealed that he is a fan of American Football.

Apparently, he watched the 2020 Super Bowl and was hooked immediately. As a new fan, he expressed that he decided to get behind a team simply based on which jersey looked cool—so he chose the Buffalo Bills.

A pretty superficial reason to choose a team—but hey, we’ve all been there, right?

Stephen Curry

It’s hard for some of us to imagine NBA champion Stephen Curry as a fanboy of anyone, but he definitely is. Like Danny Ric, he also follows the NFL.

Though he plays in the Bay Area, he was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is a massive Carolina Panthers fan. It’s actually cute how big a fan he is.

Through the years, there have been numerous headlines about his interest in even buying the team. I mean, if that isn’t being a diehard fan, I don’t know what is.

Lebron James

Another NBA star fanboy is Lebron James, but his loyalties are often questioned, particularly in baseball.

Originally, he was known to be a New York Yankees fan. But in 2021, he bought a minor stake in the Boston Red Sox. And if you didn’t know, these two teams are famous for their rivalry.

But after his championship win with the Los Angeles Lakers, he was then seen rooting for the LA Dodgers at the World Series. So I guess we’ll never know which of his favorite teams is really his favorite team.

David Beckham

Legendary footballer David Beckham knows a thing or two about another ballgame too: basketball. In a documentary about Steve Nash, he shared that he was always a fan of Magic Johnson. Now living in LA, he attends Lakers games frequently.

For all the Beckham fans who are also fans of a rival team like the Celtics, our condolences.

Manny Pacquiao

If you are a Celtics fan, however, you do have that in common with another legend. Manny Pacquiao. And when we say that he’s a fan, we mean it.

In fact, the night he was scheduled for a fight against Timothy Bradley, the Celtics were playing a game 7 against the Miami Heat in the playoffs. What’s a Celtics fan to do?

Delay the fight.

That’s fan commitment right there. And let’s not forget when the Filipino boxer also tried his own hand at basketball too.

So, do you think you and these athletes would get along watching your favorite teams?