Bleed Esports Heads to Bali Sitting at Top of 2023 DPC SEA Summer Tour

We’ve got 10 Filipino players flying to Bali, the highest number in an international tournament this year.

The 2023 DPC SEA Summer tour comes to a close after a full day of tiebreakers and heartbreakers.

Bleed Esports has successfully finished first place after taking the spot and never letting go since the start of the season. The second and third spots have been filled by fellow Pinoy teams Blacklist International and Execration, respectively. Both teams fought it out in a close tiebreaker over the final placement. 

For Blacklist, it was a real road to redemption for them after their mediocre finish in the previous tour. Special mention has to go to Blacklist’s Safe Laner Polo “Raven” Fausto standing above the Carry pack. He ended the tour at the top of the KDA, gold, and experience per minute stats, truly showing what a Carry is all about.

As the top three teams of the region, they will be heading to the Bali Major representing Southeast Asia. This will be Blacklist and Bleed’s first time going to a Major while this is Execration’s third time this year. 

Unfortunately, the bottom two teams at the end of the season will also be demoted to the Division 2 league.

Those teams will be XERXIA along with BOOM Esports after losing their tiebreaker with Army Geniuses. BOOM and XERXIA were promoted to Division 1 this season so they’ll need to prove themselves again if they want to return next year.

Want to relive the 2023 DPC SEA Summer tour? Check out their Youtube channel to see some of the highlights of the tournament.

Banner photo from Bleed Esports on Twitter.

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