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Casita by Costa Pacifica in Baler, Aurora

Book A Stay In Casita, Baler For Your Next Off-Season Vacation

If you want to spend your off-season taking a break from the hustle of training and competing, book a stay in Casita for an exclusive getaway.

While nothing can quite compare to the thrill of nonstop action throughout a sporting season, every athlete will still always look forward to their time in the off-season, when they can forget about training and competing for a little while and just focus on themselves.

If you’re anticipating your off-season months, give yourself a little extra treat to feel excited about by booking a stay in Casita in Baler, Aurora — a place where you can relax, recharge, and realign with yourself.

Get time for yourself
Casita in Costa Pacifica in Baler, Aurora
(Photo credit: Casita on Facebook)

Whether you’re looking to go on a vacation by yourself or with a few loved ones (or even your pet), Casita is the perfect vacation spot, free of distractions, as the space only has a limited capacity of 10 rooms.

Casita calls itself your “Oasis in Baler,” as you will be able to enjoy the luxury of what their resort offers without having to worry about being a part of a big crowd. With this, you will get to enjoy their swimming pool and their poolside amenities while still feeling like you’re on a private getaway.

Plus, with only 10 rooms, you can rest assured that Casita’s service will be dedicated to making you feel as comfortable as possible during your stay.

Wind down with slow-paced days
Casita in Costa Pacifica in Baler, Aurora
(Photo credit: Casita on Facebook)

Resting in its own secluded space, Casita is still just a short walk away from anything else you want to do in Baler’s town proper, from surfing to eating.

Casita is only 80 meters from Sabang Beach, and just a few meters from many restaurants, cafes, and more restaurants. This means that you can get up early, catch a few waves, have breakfast, relax by the pool, and then do it all over again for as long as the sun shines.

This will be a perfect way to get you out of your normal eat-train-compete-repeat routine.

Treat yourself
Costa Pacifica in Baler, Aurora
(Photo credit: Casita on Facebook)

A huge perk of staying in Casita is that you will be able to maximize the luxury of being in an exclusive space, while also getting to enjoy the other amenities of their parent resort.

Costa Pacifica, which is just a three-minute walk away from Casita, is right down the street, and you are welcome to make use of their pool and eat the delicious food offered by their restaurant.

There truly is a lot to enjoy in Baler, Aurora, especially when you get to experience this popular tourist destination from the oasis of Casita.

For more information or booking inquiries, you can check out Casita on Facebook.

Images from Casita on Facebook.

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