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Check Out How These Filipino Athletes Celebrated Christmas

From sunny to white Christmases, from relaxing to competing, check out how some of the talented Filipino athletes are spending the holidays.

When we see our favorite athletes performing at their very best in competitions, it’s impossible for us to ignore all the hard work they put into their training and preparations.

But, equally as important as the days that athletes spend in the gym, on the court, or on the field, are the days when they get to sleep in, travel, or spend time with loved ones.

Just like us, our favorite athletes must love Christmas too. So let’s check up on some of our country’s talents and see how they spent the holiday season.

Alyssa Valdez is enjoying a white Christmas.

It looks like it’s all smiles under the pure white snow for our volleyball star, Alyssa. The cold certainly agrees with her.

Thirdy Ravena is spending the holidays in Japan.

Ever since Thirdy started playing for San-en NeoPhoenix in the Japanese B.League, he always looked at home in Japan. And lucky for him, home came to Japan to celebrate the holidays with him.

Kiefer (and Dani) Ravena are celebrating in Japan too.

Though without their parents for the holidays in Japan, as shown in Kiefer’s “Holiday Dump” on Instagram, the three athletic siblings are lucky to be with each other for Christmas.

Kianna Dy enjoyed a white Christmas too!

It looks like the Ravenas aren’t the only ones enjoying Christmas sushi — star volleyball player, Kianna Dy, is also enjoying a snowy holiday in Sapporo.

Gabe Norwood is celebrating with the whole family.

Together with his wife and kids, Gabe Norwood looks like he’s in a snow globe for Christmas. Talk about the perfect setting for a holiday card.

Sara Eggesvik is enjoying the sun.

After a long year of preparations for the 2023 World Cup, Filipina Sara Eggesvik is spending the holiday season in Parramatta, New South Wales. And she seems as creative on paper as she is on the pitch.

Hidilyn Diaz is in the weights room.

On Christmas Eve, Hidilyn Diaz was spotted in the training room — but of course, as she is on the road to the 2024 Paris Olympics (and with her track record of success), we aren’t surprised.

The Azkals are off competing.

Of course, we can’t go without mentioning the athletes who are unable to spend the holidays with their families because they are off representing the country.

The Azkals are currently competing in the ongoing AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup. They have been on the road since December 20 and their final group stage match takes place on January 2. This means that they are truly spending the holidays working hard for the flag — and for that, they deserve a whole lot of appreciation.

Banner image from Kiefer Ravena and Kianna Dy on Instagram.

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