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Converse Opens New Global-Standard Store in Manila with Music and Arts Fest

Iconic fashion brand, Converse Philippines has just opened their global-standard store in Manila in Uptown Mall Bonifacio.

Converse is easily one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. From everyone’s closet staple, the Chuck Taylors, to their trendy and bold designs such as their Run Star Legacies, the American lifestyle brand is as iconic as they come.

But even as well-known and recognized as Converse already is, especially in pop culture, they are still finding fresh ways to connect with their customers. One way that they are doing this is through their newest global-standard store that they have just opened in Manila in Uptown Mall Bonifacio.

Modern and Filipino Twist

Earlier this week, Converse celebrated the launch of their new branch in BGC. While walking through Uptown Mall Bonifacio, the store is impossible to miss, with the light and openness of the space, as well as the eye-catching pairs of sneakers on display.

During the much-awaited ribbon-cutting ceremony, Nick Jones, CEO of MAP Active, shared his excitement over the design of the store as well.

From left to right: Fernando Anonuevo, General Manager of Uptown Mall Bonifacio, Juvi Masilunga, Senior Leasing Manager of Uptown Mall Bonifacio, Dirk Boerma, Country Manager of MAP Active Philippines, and Nick Jones, CEO of MAP Active

“This is the latest concept of Converse across the world. It’s as big as some of our store counterparts in other countries. It’s inspired by urban living. It’s ‘done-undone.’ The aim is to inspire people of all ages and of all cultures. And that’s what Converse really stands for,” he expresses.

In addition to this, Jones also boasted that the selection of shoes and clothing pieces in Converse’s new branch in Uptown Mall reflects Filipino style. The items on display are not the exact same collections you’ll find in other countries, even around Asia, as their Philippine team curated this specifically for Filipinos.

Shoes on displaying their new global-standard store.
Celebrating the launch of Converse Philippines’ newest branch.

However, you can rest assured that their newest products, as well as their timeless classics, are all on display for customers to try on and purchase.

An Immersive Experience

After the opening of their new branch and the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Converse shifted the celebrations to Uptown Mall’s courtyard area. In keeping with Converse’s mission to inspire the creative community, guests got to enjoy a series of performances by local artists, live art installations, and even free tattoo sessions.

Converse’s pop-up arts and music fest in Uptown Mall Bonifacio.

“As we all know, Converse is a youth brand,” Arvie Dizon, Converse Philippines’ brand manager shared. “Our main objective is to spark progress in the creative community. The pillars of Converse are music, arts, and style. The brand continues to create products—not just products but campaigns and communications—to reach that audience.”

Live art by graffiti artist AC Bautista.
Musical performance by DJ Alfred.

Converse Philippines was definitely able to build on their pillars all in one night.

At their pop-event, local artists inlcuidng DJ Alfred, All Star Timmy, All Star Hoest, All Star Kate, and others, got to perform their music. In addition, tattoo artists Pao Carandang and Al Gabriel Castro, as well as graffiti artist AC Bautista, got the chance to showcase their craft. And finally, live performances by Kiana V and Juan Karlos capped off a night full of music, art, and style.

Juan Karlos’ performance.
Kiana V in Converse’s pop-up event.

Indeed, it was a night to remember, thanks to Converse Philippines. Honoring the fluidity and movement of art, all while staying true to their brand, they remain as relevant in fashion today as they always have been.

And with their newest global store in Uptown Mall Bonifacio, anyone is welcome to share in their diverse and unique styles.

For more updates and information, follow Converse on Instagram and Facebook.

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