Deadlock, Valorant’s Newest Agent, Is Already Catching Players By Surprise

Deadlock: Valorant’s Newest Agent Is Already Catching Players By Surprise

You’d better be careful to not get caught in her nanowire webs.

Valorant’s newest agent, Deadlock, has only been out for a few days, and she’s already slotting into team compositions with ease. She keeps enemy movements in check through her powerful gadgets and her ultimate also forces her enemies to scramble if they don’t want to get dragged to their doom.

Her three utility abilities are an invisible trap that concusses nearby enemies if they make noise near it, a web grenade that forces enemies hit by it to crouch, and a deployable cross-shaped wall. If those are not enough to slow enemies down, then her ultimate ability will force them to think twice about pushing into her territory.

Aptly called “Annihilation,” Deadlock fires nanowire webs that can ricochet off walls. The first enemy hit by is wrapped in a cocoon and slowly dragged to the shot’s point of origin. Once they reach that spot they will instantly be taken out. The enemy’s teammates can break the cocoon to free their ally, but it’s game over if you’re the only one left and get tangled in her web.

For a new agent, Deadlock is doing quite well for herself. S

he has a decent pickrate among all levels of play and even her winrate hovers around the high 50% mark. It seems like she pairs well with other control-based agents as the combination of utilities can really halt an enemy’s offense. 

Deadlock did come with a new patch that had a massive change in the ammo count of rifles. This honeymoon phase could be a result of everyone getting used to the new changes but as of now, Deadlock’s future in Valorant is looking promising.

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