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DLSU vs ADMU: Which team served the best looks in the tunnel?

Last Sunday, the DLSU Green Archers beat the ADMU Blue Eagles. It was their first victory over their rivals in five years. However, the Blue Eagles put up a good fight right up until the end, and throughout the game, it was difficult to predict how it would end.

Although DLSU may have won their first-round matchup, we still don’t know if the Ateneo Blue Eagles can make up for their Sunday loss by beating the Archers in a game of fits.

So, let’s look at both the Eagles’ and Archers’ best pre-game outfits from the game. Scroll through last weekend’s Tunnel Vision outfits and you tell us who you think won the fashion game between the two university rivals.

Let’s start off with the Ateneo Blue Eagles’ starting five outfits.

#1: Dave Ildefonso
Dave Ildefonso

What we’re loving about Dave’s look: It would seem superstition isn’t Dave’s thing, showing up to play against the Green Archers in green bottoms.

The GAME’s favorite part: The Medium Curry Nike Dunks.

#2: Inand Fornillos
Inand Val Fornilos

What we’re loving about Inand’s look: The blue and white in the details—the Dodgers cap, the tee, the sweats, and the shoes.

The GAME’s favorite part: The COMMES des GARÇONS tee.

#3: Paul Garcia
ADMU Blue Eagle Paul Garcia

What we’re loving about Paul’s look: He definitely looks ready to ball.

The GAME’s favorite part: The headphones, ready to get in the zone.

#4: Chris Koon
ADMU Blue Eagle Chris Koon

What we’re loving about Chris’ look: Running into Koon, we wouldn’t be able to guess that he was going to a basketball game.

The GAME’s favorite part: Reppin’ blue for the Eagles.

#5: Sean Quitevis
ADMU Blue Eagle Sean Quintevis

What we’re loving about Sean’s look: Like Koon, we’d sooner assume that Sean’s ready to take off for some well-earned vacation.

The GAME’s favorite part: The matching colored shoes, slides, and suitcase.

Now on the other side of the court, let’s take a look at the DLSU Green Archer’s top five looks.

#1: Ben Phillips
DLSU Green Archer Ben Philips

What we’re loving about Ben’s look: The we-mean-business vibe.

The GAME’s favorite part: Honestly, everything.

#2: Earl Abadam
Earl Abadam

What we’re loving about Earl’s look: The orange on his shirt’s print that subtly matches the orange Nike Jordans.

The GAME’s favorite part: The Air Jordans in Orange/Olive.


What we’re loving about Evan’s look: Read that print again.

The GAME’s favorite part: The shirt’s print, obviously.

#4: CJ Austria
DLSU Green Archer CJ Austria

What we’re loving about CJ’s look: A black-and-white look is always bettered with a little touch of red.

The GAME’s favorite part: A good graphic tee goes a long way.

#5: Schonny Winston
DLSU Green Archer Schonny Winston

What we’re loving about Schonny’s look: The head-to-toe monochromatic look.

The GAME’s favorite part: We’re loving the black-and-white prints.

So, while DLSU may have won the battle on court, the verdict is up to you. Who do you think won the battle in the tunnel?