DSG in Manila and The Power of Fans

DSG in Manila and the Hidden Power of Fans

From professional players to content creators, the energy that fans bring can never be overstated.

On March 16, popular content creator Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang along with other DSG friends and personalities came to Manila for the Disguised Fan Event. It was held at the Villamor Hall UP Theater, to a nearly full house of excited fans. 

DSG in Manila and The Power of Fans
Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang at the Disguised Fan Event. (Photo by Lou Barnaby Lising)

Considering Toast’s meteoric rise to fame, I shouldn’t have been so surprised yet I was stunned all the same. I still remember Toast back in his early career as a Hearthstone YouTuber back in 2015. He would make funny yet engaging content while wearing a mask that looked like a piece of toast with shades and a fake mustache on it (hence his nickname). I would never have guessed that years later he would be here interacting with a theater full of Pinoy fans.

Finding fulfillment in what you do

A lot has happened in the past nine years. Toast joined OfflineTV, a content creation group made of his closest friends, which then led the rise to internet stardom thanks to his regular streams of the game Among Us. Now he’s the founder and CEO of his own esports team known as Disguised (DSG for short).

Close to a decade’s worth of content creation is a monumental achievement in its own right. It’s hard to go that long and stay focused and Toast admitted as much. “I think about quitting and retiring very often. I’ve been at this for a very long time but this was before I started DSG,” said Toast during the DSG fan event. “There was no passion; it just didn’t feel that fun to do anymore. But now I definitely feel a lot of fulfillment with DSG and starting a team.”

DSG in Manila and The Power of Fans
The whole DSG Fan Event talent lineup. (Photo by Disguised)

Toast’s commitment to DSG really is a passion project for him as he shows in an announcement video. By fostering a culture of passion not just in esports but in content creation as well, Toast is injecting something that has been lacking in the scene while reinvigorating his own drive. And judging by the reception of DSG, many fans share his vision for esports.

The not-so-silent support of fans

Things got quite hectic during the DSG fan event as Pinoy fans finally got a chance to see their idols. Toast and his friends have touched the lives of more people than they realize and it was plain to see. 

The recurring comment from the DSG crew was that they’re blown away by the amount of support they got from the Philippines. From answering their questions to trying local food live, the Pinoy fans were happy to make DSG feel welcome.

DSG in Manila and The Power of Fans
The DSG crew have some fun in Jollibee. (Photo by Disguised)

Sometimes even our idols need a reminder every now and then that their fans have got their back. The DSG crew now knows that they’ve got a home here in the Philippines and are sure to take that with them wherever they go.

Banner photo by Disguised.

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