Falcons AP.Bren are Ready to Bounce Back this MSC 2024

Falcons AP.Bren is Ready to Bounce Back this MSC 2024

The M5 world champions aren’t going to let one tough loss slow them down.

Falcons AP.Bren are looking like they’re back in form as they’re getting ready to depart for MSC 2024.

The reigning world champions suffered a pretty heavy blow during the MPL PH S13 grand finals as they got cleanly swept by rivals Team Liquid ECHO. But now, they’re focused on putting the pieces back together to remind everyone why they’re the current world champions.

This year’s Mid Season Cup is truly one for the history books as it’s taking place outside of Southeast Asia and taking place right after a significant patch. Many teams will have to acclimatize to playing in a new region but Falcons AP.Bren’s coach Francis “Ducky” Glindro is confident that the team will have no problem with the change of scenery.

“Two things: conditioning and scheduling,” said coach Ducky. “In the training regiment that I created, we have ample time to prepare ourselves before flying out to Riyadh. We’ll also spend an entire day acclimating to the region. It‘s a different timezone so we have to settle in so that we can bring our A game.”

Falcons AP.Bren are Ready to Bounce Back this MSC 2024
Falcons AP.Bren coach Francis “Ducky” Glindro during the MPL PH S13 playoffs. (Photo from MOONTON Games)

As for the new patch, Falcons AP.Bren’s technical coach Robert “Trebor” Sanchez is confident in their preparations. “Naka-prepare na kami para sa MSC and we think babalik ang assassin meta with this patch. Nasaamin din yung isa sa pinakamalakas na assassin player na si [Michael “KyleTzy” Sayson] so i think ready na kami.

What it Takes to Bounce Back

While Falcons AP.Bren are still one of the favorites to win MSC 2024, the MPL PH loss was still difficult for the team. Four straight, convincing losses would shatter the morale of a lesser team — but not Falcons AP.Bren. In fact, they’re looking even more motivated to take on the international squads playing in MSC.

“It essentially boils down to your cultural setting,” said coach Ducky. “From the get-go I’ve always said to the team, and I’ve deeply ingrained it within our culture, that we really cannot win everything. There will be days where they’re losing so badly that they’ll feel like quitting. But I’ve also ingrained in them that championships aren’t won because you just happened to be the best that day, it’s a continuous grind.” 

Falcons AP.Bren are Ready to Bounce Back this MSC 2024
Falcons AP.Bren discuss strategy in their team dugout during the MPL PH S13 playoffs. (Photo from MOONTON Games)

The history of Falcons AP.Bren is one filled with many ups and downs and they can’t one loss get to them if they want to take MSC 2024.

“So if we lose a match, whether it’s a grand finals game or a regular season game, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is we figure out what we can learn from this loss and how we can become better. Those two things are deeply ingrained with the team. So at first they’ll be sad for maybe an hour or two, then I’ll hear them say ‘gusto ko bumawi, babawi tayo.’ It’s really great to hear them say those things because of their competitive nature.”

That’s the kind of championship-winning mentality that has guided the team for years. One loss is just another roadmark to your journey to the top after all. And it’s clear that Falcons AP.Bren are not letting it distract them on the road to the MSC championship.

Banner photo from MOONTON Games.

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