Fight in Style with These Fighting Games-Inspired T-Shirts

Two of the world’s best fighting game franchises in one fashionable collection.

Right in time for the next generation of fighting games, popular clothing brand Uniqlo has released its Fighting Game Legends UT collection for gaming fans to enjoy. This collection focuses on the Street Fighter and Tekken series, the leading icons for 2D and 3D fighters. 

Fight in Style with These Fighting Games Inspired T-shirts
(Image from YellowMotion)

Each gets three unique graphic T-shirt designs that hearken back to their older titles while looking forward to the future. For example: we have this simple design of the Tekken 8 logo displayed at the front of the shirt. Turning to the back we have all the logos of the previous Tekken entries lined up, showing in simple terms the progression and evolution of the Tekken series. 

For Street Fighter we have the eternal warrior, Ryu, performing his iconic Dragon Punch at the front of the shirt. However, at the back, we have something more interesting. It’s a memorial collage of Ryu’s different designs throughout the years contained within the Street Fighter logo. 

Fight in Style with These Fighting Games Inspired T-shirts
(Photo by Uniqlo)

It seems that this collection of T-shirts likes secreting away these historical easter eggs to the back of the shirt. Another example is this design that features an early settings screen sketch by the Street Fighter 2 development team. It gives us a brief insight into the thought process of the team at the time as they were creating something that would become a common feature in fighting games today.

And for something more silly and nostalgic, we have the cast of secret characters in the original Tekken. In all their early 1990’s 3D glory.

Fight in Style with These Fighting Games Inspired T-shirts
(Photo by Uniqlo)

The Uniqlo Fighting Game Legends collection is already available in the Philippines but that’s not all. Coming later in February, these designs will be available for free in Tekken 8 for both the main cast and player avatars.

Banner images from Uniqlo.

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