Fighting Game Pros and Personalities Get a First Look at Project L

Fighting Game Pros and Personalities Get a First Look at Project L

Survey says that it’s looking like a pretty hype game.

Riot Games just dropped some bombshell news and even gave us a preview of Project L, their fighting game based on their League of Legends IP. 

Since the game was first announced back in 2019, all eyes, have been eagerly awaiting any updates. Now Riot has released a rundown of the game’s core mechanics and game modes and has revealed that it’s going to have a two-player vs two-player mode. The game was already going to be a 2vs2 tag-team fighter but with this twist, Riot is adding a co-op element not seen in many fighters. 

Fighting games have traditionally always been a 1vs1 affair, even for the tag-team-based ones. Other games like Street Fighter X Tekken and Dragon Ball FighterZ have had multiplayer features similar to this but they were never on the forefront. There’s still a 1vs1 mode but the developers were clear that two players is something that will be supported.

The FGC’s First Impressions

Timed together with this news is a deluge of first impressions from many prominent fighting game figures. Many were invited to try out Project L over the weekend and were asked to give their thoughts. 

Popular fighting game personality and lover of tag-team fighters Maximilian DOOD was immediately hooked to playing Project L. As someone with a deep understanding of what makes a tag-team fighter good, Maximilian’s praise is a good sign of the game’s quality.

Fighting game icon JWong also weighed on the more technical side of Project L. As a legendary Marvel vs Capcom player himself, JWong’s knowledge of tag team fighters is second to none. While he has some issues with how some of the mechanics work, he understands that the game is still a work in progress and was overall impressed with what he played.

We won’t have to wait long for another preview of Project L as it’ll have a demo available at Evo. Aside from a fourth playable character being revealed in that demo, Riot has promised more updates coming soon. Let’s cross our fingers for a release date.

Banner image from Riot Games.

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