Filipinas conclude first training camp in South America with 1-0 loss against Chile

In the second of two friendly matches between the Philippines and Chile, the latter team prevailed with a 1-0 win.

Halfway through the first half, Chile had a great opportunity to score, which they were able to convert. It was their team captain, Karen Araya, who found the back of the net to give Chile a 1-0 lead just 24 minutes into the game.

One woman down

Coming into the second half of the match, the Filipinas knew they had to find a way around Chile’s defense in order to stay alive. However, in the 54th minute, the team was down to 10 players after Sara Eggesvik received a second yellow card, which translated to an automatic red.

The Filipinas’ defense kept Chile at bay, as the South American team was unable to score again. With only seven minutes left in the match, Olivia McDaniel denied another attempt to score.

Additionally, despite being one woman down, the Filipinas continued to apply pressure on the Chileans until the final whistle.

Ultimately, the Filipinas were unable to come back from the one-goal deficit early in the match. On their home soil, Chile sealed the win, 1-0.

Despite the loss, the Filipinas did well today in fending off their opponents, who sit at World No. 38. Against a higher-ranked team, the Philippine side was able to escape with a narrow loss. This defense was also prevalent in their first meeting with the Chileans last week.

In their first friendly, it was the Filipinas who scored early in the game, closing the first half with a 1-0 lead. Chile leveled in the second half, but the Filipinas’ defense stayed solid to end the game 1-1.

Now continuing on their journey toward the World Cup in July 2023, they are picking up valuable lessons along the way from every match they play. The team will now come home, ready to apply what they have taken from an 11-day training camp in Chile.

Banner image from Philippine Football Federation on Twitter.