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Find Out If You’re Good Enough For F1 At These Go-Kart Tracks

We all wish we knew what it would be like to be a future F1 driver. Wish no longer at these three go-kart tracks in the Philippines.

One of the best parts of watching motorsports is when the camera shows the drivers’ view. From the cockpit of their cars, we can try to imagine what it would be like to push the limits of our speed.

Well, you no longer have to imagine. Though few and far between, the Philippines has its own go-kart tracks you can visit to test your speed.

EKart Raceway

EKart Raceway is the newest go-kart circuit around and it is also the most unique, as the Philippines’ first all-electric indoor track.

EKart Raceway opened just last May in SM North EDSA, and it’s a great place to go racing whether you’re a beginner or a (self-proclaimed) F1-level driver.

Their race packages start at their most basic, which is their Junior Kart Packages:

  • 1 Ride (7 minutes) – PHP 650
  • 2 Rides – PHP 1,200
  • 3 Rides – PHP 1,500

If it’s your first time going, we recommend booking two rides to start. While seven minutes may not sound very long, trust us, it tends to feel a lot longer when you’re sitting in the kart.

But if you discover that you’re a racing junkie and you can’t get enough, they have more packages to choose from, including a yearly membership and even a 30-day racer deal. You can view their full list on their website.

If you need more help deciding, here’s a look at one full lap at their track:

You don’t need an advanced booking to race here (plus, it’s located in a mall), so a visit to EKart Raceway is easy to squeeze into your schedule.

But if you like planning ahead, you can check out their Facebook to find out more.

For racing within Metro Manila, this racetrack will be your best bet. But, if you’re looking to press full send on your racing experience, we have other destination tracks you can check out.

City Kart Racing Pampanga

We were all sad to see City Kart in CircuitMakati close, but don’t worry, because City Kart Racing in Pampanga has your back.

City Kart is one of the iconic places in the Philippines for racing, so if you’re after the full experience, it’s worth making the trip.

Their track in Pampanga not only hosts beginners looking to try go-karting but also advanced racers who race competitively. So you can trust that their facilities are reliable.

And one of the best parts is that they have two options to choose from: a short track and a long track. Their short track prices start at PHP 900 and for their long track, they start at PHP 2,400.

For their packages, they include a safety briefing too plus a short tutorial before you get started on the track.

For beginners, we recommend starting on one go on the short track. As we said, time can feel slow when you’re moving with speed in the kart.

You do have to book in advance, so you can check their Facebook page for more details and their contact information.

Extreme Sports Philippines

Now, if you’re after a vacation and want to add some racing into the mix, Extreme Sports Philippines. Located in Puerto Galera, it’s not too far a cry from Batangas (just a boat ride away). So for your next beach trip, they’ve got the adrenaline aspect covered for you.

Extreme Sports Philippines offers an entire list of—you guessed it—extreme sports. So after you go for your stint at their go-kart track, they have an entire list of other activities to pair with it.

Here’s what you can do on your day to Extreme Sports:

  • Go-kart
  • Mudkart
  • ATV
  • Paintball
  • Crossbow target shooting
  • Archery
  • Airgun target shooting
  • Nurf battle

If you’re after a day of full-on racing, you can even go-kart first and then try out their mudkart. Maybe you’ll even see if you’d be better of as a rally racer.

Their packages allow you to choose from two to seven different activities, prices racing from PHP 799 to PHP 2,170. Not a bad deal for a day of fun activities, if you ask me.

We recommend going for three to four of their different activities to make the most out of your visit.

You can check out their full list of packages on their website.

While racing in the Philippines is not as accessible as we wish it to be just yet, it isn’t impossible. There are a few ways to test out your skills on the track, which one are you taking?