Footballers playing on Turf BGC

For the Love of Football: Turf BGC Has Finally Reopened!

The football field’s comeback comes as the answer to the BGC community’s passion for football.

The football community in the Philippines is only getting bigger and bigger.

And with the ever-growing interest in the sport, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is proud to announce the reopening of the world-class community football field Turf BGC starting May 15, Monday!

Comfortably nestled in the heart of the BGC estate, Turf BGC was an iconic landmark for footballers in the Metro. As the country’s first public football arena, spanning an area of 305 x 164 feet and decked with FIFA-compliant, top-quality artificial turf, the space was perfect for players to feel as though they are in a professional arena.

Now, the popular field is back and ready to cater to the energetic players in Manila.

Turf BGC announces its reopening on May 15, 2023

“Turf BGC is a must-visit destination for everyone who loves football or appreciates a good fitness routine,” Jun Galvez, Bonifacio Global City Estate Association Executive Director shared. “It proves that BGC is not just a bustling business hub but also a diverse community that supports an all-around healthy lifestyle.”

With its grand reopening, Turf BGC has since upgraded its lighting system to facilitate excellent visuals for practice matches, professional tournaments, and TV broadcasts, producing enough lux to meet TV coverage needs.

The reopening also aims to address the needs of the BGC community, known lovers and fans of football, who may have been finding it a challenge to secure slots in other fields due to football team practices or training sessions.

Turf BGC

With Turf BGC’s comeback, the local community will have its own place to live out its passion for football once more.

Turf BGC has reopened to the public starting May 15. For more information, follow Bonifacio Global City on Facebook and Instagram for updates; for reservations, email [email protected] or call (02) 8816-2372.

Banner image from Bonifacio Global City on Facebook.

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