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G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Collection

G-SHOCK’s 40th Anniversary Collection is Here For Your Next Adventure

Are you excited to get outdoors this summer season? G-SHOCK’s new “Adventurer’s Stone” collection is ready to lead your way!

Whether you’re a swimmer, cyclist, mountain climber, or any form of athlete, for that matter, all athletes have one thing in common: the love of excitement, making them avid adventurers. And G-SHOCK has a new collection that is perfect for any adventurer.

Casio Computer Co., Ltd.’s well-known brand, G-SHOCK, has long been a household name in the realm of sports watches and accessories as its products are able to withstand mechanical stress, shock, and vibrations.

Now celebrating 40 years of G-SHOCK’s never-ending pursuit of toughness, the brand has released its newest additions to its series of shock-resistant watches: The Adventurer’s Stone models.

GSHOCK Adventurer's Stone collection
G-SHOCK’s New Adventurer’s Stone Collection
Inspired by the outdoors, made for the outdoors

Since the launch of the very first G-SHOCK, the DW-5000C, the brand has continually evolved not only in shock resistance but also in functionality and exterior design, as well.

The 40th-anniversary Adventurer’s Stone shock-resistant models are inspired by the stones that adventurers would use as compasses since the Middle Ages. The G-SHOCK brand concept of continuous innovation inspires people to take on new challenges — perfect for the go-getter athlete.

GSHOCK GM-114GEM Adventurer's Stone collection
GSHOCK GM-S114GEM Adventurer's Stone collection

The watches’ metal bezels are forged and textured to reproduce the rough feel of stone. The textured surface is also honed, while the top and sides are treated with hairline and mirror finishes, bringing out a crystalline beauty.

Each watch in the collection is inspired by a different type of stone, the bezel is treated with one of many different colorful ion platings to reproduce the look of that particular mineral and the unique way it shines depending on the light and cross-section of the stone. Each model’s band is designed to complement the bezel.

GSHOCK GM-5640GEM Adventurer's Stone collection
40 years of adventure

For 40 years, G-SHOCK has been among the top watches for athletes with its ability to withstand rough conditions.

Each of the Adventurer’s Stone models boasts water resistance (up to 200 meters), a stopwatch, a countdown timer, an alarm, and other features to suit an active lifestyle.

GSHOCK GM-2140GEM Adventurer's Stone collection
GSHOCK GM-S2140GEM Adventurer's Stone collection

And, as befits an anniversary model, the anniversary logo is engraved on the case back, there are four stars for “40” on the band loop, and the phrase “SINCE 1983” appears on the dial.

GSHOCK GM-S5640GEM Adventurer's Stone collection

But with all these features, every model has its own unique flavor to fit the different kinds of adventurers out there.

For customers who want to get their hands on the new Adventurer’s Stone G-SHOCK Watches, these are now available in all G-SHOCK Authorized Stores nationwide at these prices:

  • GM-5640GEM – PHP 22,180.00 SRP
  • GM-114GEM – PHP 21,630.00 SRP
  • GM-2140GEM – PHP 20,330.00 SRP
  • GM-S5640GEM – PHP 18,300.00 SRP
  • GM-S114GEM – PHP 18,850.00 SRP
  • GM-S2140GEM – PHP 17,750.00 SRP

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Images courtesy of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

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