Gamers Get a Taste of Tekken 8 at ESGS 2023

Gamers Get a Taste of Tekken 8 at ESGS 2023

It was your first chance to play one of the most eagerly awaited fighting games of the next generation.

One of the reasons Pinoy gamers gathered to ESGS 2023 is to sample some of the most anticipated games coming in the future, and none are as anticipated as Tekken 8. The latest installment of the King of Iron Fist Tournament promises to bring better graphics, gameplay, and story. And the only place to try it out was in the biggest esports and gaming convention in the Philippines.

The femme fatales of the Tekken series. (Photo by Rumble Royale)

Tekken 8’s publisher Bandai Namco, in partnership with Rumble Royale, had their own booth for gamers to sit down and try the recently concluded closed beta version of the game. With a total of 19 playable characters and six unique stages to fight in, players were not left wanting. And to think this isn’t even the complete version of the game!

Gamers and fans of all kinds crowded around the Tekken 8 booth for three days of ESGS 2023. Whether they were a veteran or a newbie, all of them wanted to know what the next generation of 3D fighters was like.

Gamers Get a Taste of Tekken 8 at ESGS 2023
Tekken has a rather universal appeal to Pinoy gamers.
Testing out the new systems

The Tekken series has always been daunting to get into but the latest iteration is looking to tackle that problem. The new Heat system, aside from being flashy and awesome, provides players an easy focus point to begin their offense. It enhances your character in a variety of ways and helps you formulate your character’s winning strategy.

For absolute beginners there’s Special Style, which allows you to easily execute your character’s signature moves and combos. Regardless of skill, players could get freebies for trying out the game, making sure that the Tekken 8 hype doesn’t stop.

Gamers Get a Taste of Tekken 8 at ESGS 2023
Lots of storied rivalries showing up on these pamphlets.

The excitement for Tekken 8 was absolutely palpable in ESGS 2023. The game launches worldwide on January 26, 2024, and it cannot get here fast enough.

Banner image from Rumble Royale.

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