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Nike Kobe 8 Protro Halo Series

Get a First Look at the Kobe 8 Protro “Halo” Series

The all-white Kobe 8 Protro “Halo” Series is an angelic commemoration of a player whose legacy cannot easily be put into words.

When the Nike Kobe 8 Protro was first revealed in 2012, Kobe Bryant himself said, “I’m always focused on improving my game, to perform at my best.” Years later, this sentiment, what is commonly referred to as the ‘Mamba Mentality’, is one that many try to emulate. And to honor this legacy that the late NBA star started and left behind, Nike is bringing back the Kobe 8 Protro.

Kobe Bryant first wore the Kobe 8 Protros in the 2011-2012 NBA season. “By shaving fractions off the height and weight, it allows me to play faster with more control. I want to feel like I’m moving at the speed of light,” the former Laker shared about the shoe back then.

Now, over a decade later, basketball fans will get to experience this for themselves as Nike is bringing back the Kobe line.

The angelic Kobe 8s

Kobe shoes are not the easiest to find on the market. Part of the reason may be the fact that Nike lost the brand a few years ago. But recently, Vanessa Bryant revived the partnership. Now under a new contract to continue with the Kobe brand, Nike is releasing the Kobe 8 Protro “Halo” Series.

Nike Kobe 8 Protro Halo Series
Nike Kobe 8 Protro Halo Series

The “Halo” Series is a fresh take on a timeless design. In the first look of the revived series, Nike showed off an all-white colorway. But despite its simplicity, the devil (or in this case, the angel) is in the details. The shoe features embroidered Nike and Kobe logos, along with other subtle details such as the Lakers star’s signature.

In addition to its details that honor the late Kobe Bryant, the shoe is also meant to serve a purpose, providing comfort and stability to players.

Although this all-white look is the first to reach the public eye, Nike will be releasing an entire series with different colorways that fans are eagerly awaiting. And they won’t have to wait too much longer.

The Nike Kobe 8 Protro “Halo” Series will be launched on Mamba Day 2023, which takes place on Kobe’s 45th birthday on August 23. This is a perfect way to commemorate a player whose legacy has spanned across generations and is carried out by many players today.

Images from Yankee Kicks on Instagram.

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