Heads Up: Overwatch 2 is Making Its Way to Steam later this August

Heads Up: Overwatch 2 is Making Its Way to Steam in August!

Blizzard is widening the door for their massive hero shooter.

A welcome surprise dropped from Blizzard Games earlier this week as they announced that Overwatch 2 will be available on Steam this August. This is the start of a new initiative from the popular game developer as they hinted that they may release other titles on Steam in their official post.

Overwatch 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed competitive, multiplayer, first-person shooter that popularized the hero shooter genre. It always had a wide appeal but it, along with Blizzard’s other games, was only accessible through Battle.net, Blizzard’s own game launcher. 

Steam just happens to be the largest videogame distribution platform in the world with more than 120 million active users. While big developers would rather have their own games within their own platform, it’s hard to deny just how many more players you can reach through Steam.

“It’s our goal at Blizzard to listen to players and try to exceed their expectations in everything we do,” said Blizzard’s President Mike Ybarra. “While Battle.net remains a priority for us now and into the future, we’ve heard players want the choice of Steam for a selection of our games, starting with Overwatch 2 on August 10th. We’re happy to work with Valve [the developers of Steam] to make that happen.”

This release also coincides with Overwatch 2’s biggest update yet. Titled “Invasion,” this patch introduces their new story-driven, PvE mode along with a bunch of other updates to the core game. With all these changes happening so soon, it’s going to be interesting to see how Overwatch 2, and Blizzard, move forward with their partnership with Steam.

Banner image from Blizzard.

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