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Heads up: The first Shakey’s Super League starts this month

In case you missed the news, Shakey’s is making a volleyball comeback with their newest league, the Shakey’s Super League (SSL).

The SSL’s inaugural league launches this month. Their first season opens with the 2022 Collegiate Pre-Season Championship, featuring 18 teams from the UAAP and NCAA.

Sound familiar?

This year’s Shakey’s Super League Collegiate Pre-Season Championship marks the first of its kind. But if you’re wondering why a Shakey’s volleyball league sounds so familiar, you may be remembering the former Shakey’s V-League.

The Shakey’s V-League launched in 2004 as a collegiate league, but it transformed and is now the professional Premier Volleyball League.

So if you’ve been craving more college volleyball, the SSL hears you.

How is it going to work?

The league is set to feature 10 teams from the NCAA and eight from the UAAP in three pools:

Pool A

  1. University of the Philippines
  2. University of the East
  3. Mapua
  4. San Beda University
  5. University of Perpetual Help

Pool B

  1. Adamson University
  2. University of Santo Tomas
  3. San Sebastian College
  4. Emilio Aguinaldo College
  5. Lyceum of the Philippines University

Pool C

  1. National University
  2. Ateneo de Manila University
  3. Jose Rizal University
  4. Arellano University

In each pool, only the top two teams will get the chance to advance to the following round, where they will be regrouped into two pools. Following this, another round robin will determine the teams’ standings before the knockout quarterfinals round.

Similarly, the semifinal and final games will be knockout matches.

Building the local volleyball scene

With a brand new volleyball league in the country also comes more opportunities for our local players to develop. One of the unique parts of the league is that it will implement a ”play-all rule”. This means that all teams will need to field all their players in the first two rounds of the tournament.

“We feel that this is a very fantastic opportunity for the brand to give back. We’re very happy to be given another chance to promote women’s volleyball in the Philippines,” SPAVi President Vic Gregorio said.

The Shakey’s Super League kicks off its inaugural season this September 24. You can catch their games on My Plus Network on YouTube and their social media platforms.