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THE GAME Hennessy x NBA LANDSCAPE Recovered

Hennessy x NBA proves that the Game Never Stops

After seeing the iconic Hennessy x NBA campaign around the world, “Game Never Stops” finally found its way to the basketball-loving streets of Manila. Here in the Philippines, basketball is more than just a sport—it’s a lifestyle. There’s a game on every corner and a player in every crowd. And this is something that Hennessy and the NBA want to celebrate together.

To celebrate this, Hennessy and the NBA launched their pop-up event, “Game Never Stops” last weekend. And from October 15 to 16, everyone was welcome to their festivities at 5th Avenue in BGC.

So in case you missed it, we’ve got you covered. This is how Hennessy and the NBA celebrated the culture and lifestyle surrounding the beloved sport of basketball.

On-Court Festivities

Hennessy and the NBA are two very different brands. The first is a brand that sells cognac, and the second is the biggest basketball league in the world. But, now on their second year of a multi-year partnership, the two have proven that they have much in common.

“Our partnership [campaigns], “Game Never Stops”, which is really more of a celebration showcasing the culture of basketball,” Brand Director Gio Robles said. “The lifestyle and culture around basketball are so enormous, and for us, NBA and Hennessy are advocates of that lifestyle.”

First and foremost, to celebrate the Filipino culture of basketball, the pop-up event featured the Game Never Stops pop-up court in the middle of 5th avenue. There, we got to see many different styles of playing.

Some of the highlights included the Two-Ball Challenge, the Skills Challenge, the Three-Point Shootout, and the Slam Dun Showcase. And in each event, we got to see athletes and celebrities battling it out and showing their skills on the court.

With each event, fans on the sidelines were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of basketball. It’s more than just a competition, and there are so many elements of the game.

But, in keeping with their advocacy for this lifestyle, fans were also treated to a lot more than just on-court action. After all, this event was a celebration of basketball culture both “on and off the court.”

Beyond Basketball

The campaign’s biggest aim was to showcase that there is more to basketball than what you watch on TV. And in the same way, there is also more to Hennessy than what you see on the market. This is one of the common threads between both brands.

“In the NBA, every season and every game you watch, [things] evolve,” Robles explained. “Similar to us, in terms of brand presentation, we are established…So the way we want to evolve is how we engage with our consumers.”

In line with this, the event didn’t stop where the lines on their pop-up court ended. It went beyond that in many different ways that the fans and crowd could enjoy. So, apart from the basketball showcases and competitions, it was also a weekend filled with art, fashion, lifestyle, and music.

And to top it all off, the event culminated with a street party in the middle of BGC.

The party, open to the crowd at BGC, featured Manila’s top DJs, as well as other musical performances from local and international artists. And of course, Hennessy was there to bring life to the party.

Beyond Hennessy

For those in the crowd who were of legal drinking age, they were treated to a selection of bespoke Hennessy x NBA cocktails made just for the event. The menu included the “Alley Oop”, “Jumpshot”, and “Playmaker”, each drink showcasing the many different ways Hennessy can be enjoyed.

“We’re very thankful for this partnership because this is one way of innovating how we engage with our fans and consumers in the Philippines,” Robles shared.

Game Never Stops truly was a celebration of the lifestyle intertwined with basketball. With a showcase of skills, outfits, music, art, and of course, drinks, we were able to experience a new vibrant side of both brands. And the best part is that there is more to come from them both.

“Filipinos are crazy about basketball, the NBA is very big, and there are many NBA fans…Hopefully, this is the first and not the last because we are only in the second year of a multi-year partnership with the NBA and Hennessy. So hopefully next year, bigger and better.”

In fact, Robles also shared with us their next exciting promotion.

For the upcoming NBA season, “we’re choosing lucky fans to go to the US to watch an NBA game live next year. So you just have to buy a bottle of Hennessy and have the chance to watch your favorite team or favorite player in a very good courtside seat.”

Indeed, Hennessy’s collaboration with the NBA has shown us new ways to enjoy a game and lifestyle that we’ve all known and loved for a long time. And, they are committed to celebrating this side of the game even further, as the Game Never Stops.