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Here’s how to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup

November has finally arrived. And for sports fans all over the globe, that only means one thing: the 2022 FIFA World Cup is right around the corner.

The World Cup is the most highly anticipated sports event. In fact, in 2018 more than half the world watched the entire tournament, with a record of over 3.5 billion people watching live, tuning in from home, or watching on digital platforms.

Only held every four years, you are not going to want to miss out on all the action. Luckily, there are ways to avoid the FOMO. Here are three ways you can tune into all the Qatar 2022 action.

1. Pay Per View

The first thing you should check is the offer from your cable provider. Chances are, they are offering some way for you to watch all the Qatar 2022 action this year, the way SKY is.

Image from SKY on Twitter

This year, SKY PPV is offering football fans an “All Access Pass” to the FIFA World Cup for PHP 1,999. With this, you’ll get to tune into all 64 matches from November 20 to December 19. In addition to the live matches, you’ll also get replays and special World Cup features.

But if you aren’t subscribed to SKY, Cignal TV also has a similar offer for their subscribers to enjoy the World Cup this year.

Similar to SKY, they are also offering an “All-Acces Pass” for PHP 1,999, which includes a 30-day live coverage of the entire World Cup.

With these pay-per-view options, you can essentially get all the football action you can possibly stuff into one monthโ€”it’s a football fan’s dream.

2. TapGO TV

If you aren’t subscribed to any cable, or if you prefer to have your World Cup coverage on the go, TapGO TV has you covered.

The Philippine Football Federation recently released a promotional offer with TapGO TV, who are offering a subscription to the tournament also for PHP 1,999.

TapGO TV is a live streaming service that you can watch on live TV, your phone, tablet, computer, or other devices. With a subscription to their services, you can download their app on Google Play or the App Store.

And, with their Qatar 2022 coverage, this gives you the convenience of being able to watch from anywhere.

3. Scout the bars (or restaurants) closest to you

And if all else fails, we’re certain that sports bars and restaurants around Metro Manila will be covering the 2022 World Cup. So make sure to watch out for updates from your go-to places for boxing matches or Sunday races.

Image from Lyle Hastie.

Besides, it might even be more fun to watch in a bar full of football fans. After all, the World Cup only takes place once every four years. Why not make the most of it?

With only a few days left until the very first kick-off, it’s time to get ready. Jerseys, face paint, food, drinks, and most importantly, your preferred method of tuning in.

Banner image from Dominik Hofbauer.