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Here’s How You Can Watch Super Bowl LVIII From Manila

Whether you want to watch from home or watch with friends, here’s how you can make sure you don’t miss a single touchdown at Super Bowl LVIII.

It’s Super Bowl season once again — one of the annual events that sports fans continuously look forward to, year after year, whether they’re in it for the on-field action or even just the iconic halftime performances. But no matter what you’re in it for, Super Bowl LVIII is definitely going to be one to remember.

This year, the Kansas City Chiefs will be looking to build a legacy in the NFL, as a win would mark their third league championship in five seasons. However, on the other side of the battle, the San Francisco 49ers are hungry to win another title, which would be their first since 1994.

This one’s not to be missed! So, here are three ways you can tune in to Super Bowl LVIII from Manila.

Watch from home

If you’re going to be working from home on February 12, Monday morning (Philippine time), then go ahead and check if you’re already subscribed to Premier Sports! This is one of the Philippines’ go-to sports TV channels, as they broadcast tennis matches, golf tournaments, UFC, and yes, the NFL.

With this, you can tune in to the Super Bowl without stressing over an online livestream — leave your stress to the game itself!

Watch on the go

Not everyone will have the luxury of watching the Super Bowl from home, especially on a Monday morning in Manila. But, thankfully, there’s BlastTV PH — an on-demand entertainment app that will be streaming Super Bowl LVIII!

Watch the Super Bowl from Manila: BlastTV PH
(Photo credit: BlastTV PH on Facebook)

You can download the BlastTV app, choose a subscription that works for you, and watch the Super Bowl from wherever you’re going to be on February 12. And with all the other movies, series, and sports events they showcase, you might even stay subscribed past the crowning of this year’s NFL champions.

Watch with friends

When you’re watching the Super Bowl from Manila, it’s always an early morning affair. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy one of the best ways to watch games — at a watch party!

Several sports bars, cafes, and other restaurants will be opening bright and early to stream Super Bowl LVIII so you can enjoy watching with your friends, as well as other passionate sports fans. Check out your go-to spots and make a reservation! This is definitely going to be one of the best ways to enjoy the action.

Banner image from Patrick Mahomes on Instagram.

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