How to watch the NBA from the Philippines (Boston Celtics)

Here’s How You Can Watch the NBA Playoffs in the Philippines

Whether you want to watch on TV or while you’re on the go, here are the best ways to tune into the NBA from the Philippines.

At last, the NBA Playoffs season is finally upon us! And this season, there is a lot to be excited about. Will the Celtics finally make it across the line? How far can the Orlando Magic go? Can the Nuggets go back to the finals?

There’s no better way to get answers than by tuning into all the action as it happens. So for the many NBA fans in the Philippines, here’s how you can watch as much of the Playoffs as you possibly can!

Where to watch the NBA

Given that Filipinos are among the NBA’s biggest fanbases, you can watch the NBA Playoffs in multiple ways, depending on your own personal watching habits.

If you’re the type of fan who enjoys watching sports from the comfort of your home, sitting in front of your TV, your best bet would be to tune into the Playoffs on NBA TV Philippines. Available to Cignal subscribers, this channel hosts nothing but NBA content all day every day, from games to highlights and everything in between.

Alternatively, fans can also catch NBA Playoffs games on TV through the OneSports channel.

As much as we’d all love to watch every game this season on a big screen, there will inevitably be important games that you’ll need to tune into while on the go. Thankfully, there are streaming platforms at your service!

If you’re the kind of NBA fan who needs to keep up with every single game, your best bet would be to download and subscribe to NBA League Pass. With this app, you can stream every postseason game live, watch full replays, and enjoy around-the-clock NBA Playoffs coverage.

Apart from this, another streaming option would be to watch all the NBA Playoffs action on the Pilipinas Live app. All you have to do is download, subscribe, and choose the game you want to catch! This is a great option for Filipino NBA fans who also love to stay tuned to other local leagues, such as the PBA, PVL, or UAAP.

On the other hand, on-the-go fans can also tune into NBA Playoffs action through Setanta Sports. After you download and register your account, you can stream games on any platform — even a Smart TV. And as a plus, you may also gain access to other international sports competitions such as the Premier League or Formula 1.

With all the options available to us Filipino fans, you never have to miss a second of the NBA Playoffs this year.

Banner image from the Boston Celtics on Facebook.

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