Here’s What Social Media Has to Say About Tekken 8

Here’s What Social Media Has to Say About Tekken 8

The biggest fighting game of the year is out and everyone’s hyped about it.

Gaming social media has been abuzz since the release of Tekken 8. It’s been almost a week and players both casual and veteran alike have been enjoying the latest release of the biggest 3D fighter in the world.

That basically means that Tekken 8 is a very, very good game. All major reviews have given the game high marks in all categories. From visuals, music, and of course gameplay, Tekken 8 has exceeded expectations to truly usher in the next generation of fighting games.

Something that was a bit of a surprising stand-out was the game’s story mode. Tekken has always paid close attention to their narrative, more so than most fighting games. While the series’ previous attempts to deliver a story have been hit or miss it seems like they’ve pulled out all the stops for Tekken 8. It also helps that this game has been set up to be the climax of the Mishima family feud. When the main plotline for 30 years is finally coming to a close you’re bound to get the interest of even the most casual fan.

Gameplay wise, Tekken 8 is also a homerun. It’s never been easier to get into the series thanks to various new systems. Learning the game is easier thanks to the Arcade Story tutorial and a more robust replay system. 

And usage of the new Heat system is already getting crazy with just a few days of practice.

Another avenue people have been showing their creativity is in character customization. It’s been a staple since Tekken 5 and players can’t help but recreate other famous characters. 

The boss man joins the conversation

One of the most fun things to happen during the launch week was Tekken’s Director Katsuhiro Harada jumping onto social media to see people’s reactions to Tekken 8. 

Harada has been with the series since the very beginning and has always been in tune with the community. He knows when to be silly or serious but is often both, much to the amusement of fans.

Whether it’s content, compliments, or criticisms, Harada takes the time to look through them all which makes him a darling in the fighting game community.

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