A new F1 movie by Brad Pitt will be in production alongside the second half of the 2023 F1 season.

Here’s What We Know About Brad Pitt’s New F1 Movie

Filming all around the world at official Formula 1 races, Brad Pitt’s New F1 movie sounds like it’s going to be one of the most authentic yet.

As though we didn’t need many more reasons to get excited about the iconic Formula 1 British Grand Prix in July, a new F1 Movie currently in the making may just bring the hype up even further!

Ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, it was announced that Hollywood star Brad Pitt will be stepping into a real F1 race car at the British Grand Prix as part of the production of a new film that revolves around the sport.

Given that the film is still in the early stages of production, there is still a lot for us to find out in the coming months. But, here’s what we know about Brad Pitt’s new F1 movie so far!

Brad Pitt’s character sounds familiar…
Brad Pitt is filming a new F1 Movie starting from the British Grand Prix in 2023.
Brad Pitt visiting the Alfa Romeo garage at the United States Grand Prix in 2022. (Photo credit: Alfa Romeo on Twitter)

According to reports, Pitt will be playing the character of a Formula 1 driver who has recently come back into the sport from retirement to compete alongside a rookie driver against the other big names in the sport.

(It sounds like a certain somebody we know on the grid — a two-time World Champion who came back from retirement in 2021 and now drives for Aston Martin alongside young gun Lance Stroll.)

Top Gun: Maverick co-writer Ehren Kruger is part of the production team, writing the screenplay. British actor Damson Idris is also a part of the team and will be co-starring in Brad Pitt’s new F1 movie.

An 11th team is coming to the paddock

Leading up to the Miami Grand Prix, the panel at the F1 Accelerate Summit in Miami revealed several details about the production plans for this F1 movie, as the filming will take place alongside real races throughout the second half of the season.

Will Buxton, as part of the panel, shared that the production team will be creating an 11th team in the paddock, beginning at the British Grand Prix, and will last all the way up until the end of the 2023 season, which caps off in Abu Dhabi in November.

The race car is designed by a world-champion team
Brad Pitt is filming a new F1 Movie starting from the British Grand Prix in 2023.
Brad Pitt in the McLaren pit garage in the United States Grand Prix in 2022. (Photo credit: Formula 1 on Twitter)

At the Summit in Miami, the team also shared that the race car that will star in Pitt’s film has been designed by Mercedes. On top of this, the Hollywood actors will also be the ones driving the F1 cars themselves during filming all around the world.

Lewis Hamilton is one of the producers

To gain deeper insights into the life of a Formula 1 racer, Lewis Hamilton is also reportedly on the production team as an advisor, helping out with the story and the script.

Although we still don’t know what the movie’s title will be or when it will release, with what we know so far, it truly seems that Apple Studios is definitely coming up with an authentic and true-to-form F1 movie.

Banner image from AFP.

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