The GAME Skills Camp with Phamaton Energy+

Here’s What Went Down At The GAME Skills Camp

Powered by Pharmaton Energy+, all the athletes at The GAME Skills Camp got to improve and test out their basketball and football skills.

All athletes, from casual players to professionals, know that among the pillars of a good player are their skills — shooting, dribbling, passing, and lots more, depending on the sport you play. This is why before any athlete starts playing a full game of whatever sport they play, they usually warm up by practicing some basic skills. And not only do skills sharpen the body’s abilities, but it also sharpens the mind. This is what The GAME Skills Camp was all about.

Last Saturday, October 21, The GAME, in partnership with major pharmaceutical brand, Pharmaton, conducted a Skills Camp for basketball and football players in the country to give them the space to work on their technical abilities and learn from some of the best.

While practicing a series of different skills, all the players needed to integrate mental and physical sharpness to perform to the best of their abilities. Through this, the athletes understood that in order to perform well, the mind must cooperate with the body and vice versa. Thankfully, all the participants at The GAME Skills Camp got to test out Pharmaton Energy+, a multivitamin with 40 vitamins and minerals that come together to help individuals with their energy, mental sharpness, and immune systems.

Here’s a recap of everything that went down at The GAME Skills Camp!

Basketball players at The GAME Skills Camp
Leveling up

To officially launch the event, PVL Courtside Reporter and former UAAP Correspondent Kyla Kingsu welcomed all the athletes and coaches to The GAME Skills Camp. Starting the morning off with basketball, she introduced the coaches from Better Basketball PH, who led the basketball skills portion.

The coaches from Better Basketball PH are trusted by many players in the PBA, UAAP, and NCAA. Thus, the athletes at The GAME Skills Camp got to learn from some of the best in the industry, practicing their shooting, dribbling, defending, rebounding, and a whole roster of other essential skills.

After the players took turns practicing and improving their technical skills, the basketball portion wouldn’t have been complete without them being able to test out what they’ve learned. Thus, the players broke out into teams and showed off their skills in a quick half-court game.

PVL Courtside Reporter Kyla Kingsu
Kyla Kingsu welcomed everyone to The GAME Skills Camp.
Basketball player Joshua Coronel and Better Basketball PH Coaches
Better Basketball PH’s licensed coaches with Joshua Coronel demonstrating one of the skills to be executed by the players.
Basketball players at The GAME Skills Camp
Both girls and boys got the chance to show off their basketball skills during the Skills Camp.
Basketball players at The GAME Skills Camp
Players teamed up to practice different basketball skills.

Once the basketball players finished their session, it was the football players’ turn to take the court. Kyla Kingsu introduced the coaches for the football portion, the talented representatives from Cherry Turf Philippines and Optimal Athletics, Inc. Cherry Turf is a rooftop football pitch in Metro Manila that frequently hosts football training sessions for beginners.

At The GAME Skills Camp, the owner of Cherry Turf himself, Kevin James Olayvar, led the players through various football skills. They got to practice their passes, headers, and touches, along with a whole lot of other skills.

Of course, the training session would not have been complete without a game. Using the full court of the Upper Deck basketball court in Pasig, the players broke out into two teams to play a fast-paced game of futsal. They definitely needed their skills to keep up.

Football players at The GAME Skills Camp
The football players showcased their futsal skills, taking turns practicing their shot-taking abilities.
Football players at The GAME Skills Camp
Led by the team at Cherry Turf Philippines and Optimal Athletics, Inc., the football players got to learn new basic skills to practice.
The GAME Skills Camp participants went home with Pharmaton Energy+
All the participants at The GAME Skills Camp went home with Pharmaton Energy+!
Testing out their skills

Of course, after the short basketball and football games, the event would not be complete without a little light-hearted competition (we know how competitive athletes are).

Once both skills camps were finished, all the athletes gathered together on the court, where each participant would get the chance to shine. The basketball players took part in a three-point shooting contest to see which players could down the most shots from the three-point line — one of the toughest skills to perfect, but repetition is key.

The football players got their chance to shine, too, in a little ‘Beat the Keeper’ game, where the athletes took turns scoring penalty shots, trying to get past the goalkeeper. With a smaller goal set up in the Upper Deck, this was harder than you might think.

The GAME Skills Camp Beat The Keeper Football Drill
The football players got to a contest of Beat The Keeper, taking turns shooting penalty kicks.
Three-point shootout at The GAME Skills Camp
The basketball players got competitive at their three-point shootout competition.

After losing count of the goals scored and the shots taken, all the athletes and coaches at The GAME Skills camp got to wind down with more fun activities! The players got to sit down and compete in a quick trivia game and answer quiz questions about basketball and football. In addition, they also got to test out their skills in the gaming area, where there were fun activities to try out — a reflex game and some air hockey in the spirit of good competition, and a fun photo booth by Meet Me PH to commemorate the day!

After The GAME Skills Camp, the players got to unwind and play fun games in the activity area!

And of course, all the winners of the competition proper went home with more vitamins from Pharmaton!

Powered by Pharmaton

In case you haven’t heard, Pharmaton Energy is back! And this time, it’s back in a new and improved formula and it’s powered by ginseng, a medicinal plant that’s been clinically proven to help with your immune system and central nervous function.

All the athletes at The GAME Skills Camp went home with samples of Pharmaton Energy+ — a multivitamin perfect for all those who attended.

“Pharmaton Energy+ is a multivitamin that’s powered by ginseng, along with 40 vitamins and minerals,” Jamie Superable-Martin, Brand Lead for Pharmaton, shared. “This is really for multifaceted individuals who are juggling multiple things in their life — from sports to work. Pharmaton Energy+ is really for optimal performance, it helps you maintain immunity, increase energy, and improve stamina. It is also for mind and body sync, so it’s not just for physical energy, but also mental sharpness and focus.”

Jamie Superable-Martin (Pharmaton Brand Lead)
Jamie Superable-Martin, Pharmaton Brand Lead, shared a meaningful message about the importance of being one in body and mind, and how Pharmaton Energy+ can boost this synergy.
The winners of the competition proper of The GAME Skills camp went home with even more Pharmaton Energy+!

This is why Pharmaton Energy+ was the perfect supplement for the athletes at The GAME Skills Camp. All the players are multifaceted individuals — on top of playing the sports they love, some are also students and some have jobs. Pharmaton Energy+ aims to bridge these communities together by helping individuals perform better in all areas of their lives.

With this food supplement in their training bags, all the athletes will be able to add it into their daily routine and see for themselves how it can help them improve as athletes and in their lives outside of sports.

Images by Kieran Punay.

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