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Cycling Apparel in the Philippines - The Weekend Bike

Here’s Where You Can Buy Cycling Apparel in the Philippines

Looking for cycling apparel in the Philippines? These five stores have got everything you’ll need for your next ride.

When you’re spending hours on the road or on the trails with your bike, you’re going to need more than just your legs for a good time — you need outfits that come with the sport.

Here are five places in the Philippines where you can get dependable, stylish, and functional cycling apparel.

1. Ciclo
Cycling Apparel in the Philippines - Ciclo
(Photo credit: Ciclo on Instagram)

Ciclo has been committed to creating cycling apparel in the Philippines that make the riding experience as enjoyable as possible, even in hot weather.

Established by cyclists for cyclists, you can be sure that Ciclo’s apparel, particularly the pieces from their Pro Light Collection, are just the right amount of lightweight, breathable, and functional. Plus, their bright colors will make sure that no one misses you on the road.

Check out Ciclo’s cycling apparel here.

2. Salt + Fin
Cycling Apparel in the Philippines - Salt + Fin
(Photo credit: Salt + Fin on Instagram)

Salt + Fin has been a go-to for all multi-sports athletes as they have been specializing in triathlon, marathon, and cycling apparel in the Philippines since 2010.

Now, they are leveling up their game with their newest collection: UPCYCLED. Making use of upcycled materials, this line by Salt + Fin makes sure that you stay secure, stylish, and sustainable on the road.

3. Primal Philippines
Cycling Apparel in the Philippines - Primal Philippines
(Photo credit: Primal Philippines on Instagram)

Whether you’re a leisurely rider or a competitive cyclist, Primal Philippines has the right kinds of jerseys, tailored specifically for what you’re looking for.

Their Evo jersey is perfect for racing and long-distance rides, while their Sport Cut jersey is designed to provide plenty of comfort for your next weekend coffee ride.

You can check out their jerseys in-store or online.

4. Vamos
Cycling Apparel in the Philippines - Vamos
(Photo credit: Vamos on Instagram)

Vamos has all your cycling apparel needs — jerseys, zip-up tops, caps, socks, and bibs. They even have stylish accessories for your bike. And, if cycling is just one of your sports, they’ve got even more in store for you.

The local sportswear brand also has a wide selection of apparel for running, CrossFit, training, golf, and motorsports, making this a one-stop shop for any multi-sport athlete.

See more of what they’ve got right here.

5. The Weekend Bike
Cycling Apparel in the Philippines - The Weekend Bike
(Photo credit: The Weekend Bike on Facebook)

Specifically designed for our warm climate of, The Weekend Bike has got your cycling apparel needs, especially for all your rides this summer season.

All the accessories you could possibly need are right here. From bibs to cycling caps, from gloves to socks, and from patterned to solid-colored jerseys, The Weekend Bike has a wide amount of products and options for any biker to choose from.

Check out everything they’ve got right here.

Banner image from The Weekend Bike on Facebook.

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