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Padel And Pickleball Equipment In The Philippines: Where To Buy

Here’s Where You Can Buy Your Padel And Pickleball Equipment in the Philippines

Padel and pickleball are two of the fastest-growing racket sports right now. Want to get into the craze? Here’s where you can get your own equipment!

The padel and pickleball craze is only continuing to take over the country. After all, these two racket sports are relatively easy to pick up, are fun to play with friends, and are becoming more and more accessible. It’s no wonder they’re a hit among Filipinos.

In the coming months we can expect more and more people to try out either of these racket sports. I mean, hey, fun and fitness all in one sport sounds like an appealing activity, right? 

So, regardless of whether you want to try out padel or pickleball first, we’ve created a small list of stores where you can buy their respective equipment in the Philippines! Who knows, some of us might even want to try out both pickleball and padel once we buy into the hype. 

Decathlon Philippines

Starting off our list is Decathlon, which offers padel and pickleball equipment in the Philippines like rackets and game balls made by in-house brands like Kukima and Artengo.

Given their similarities, tennis equipment like shirts, caps, and bags from the same brands was also classified by the retailer as the same apparel to be paired for aspiring padel and pickleball players in the country. 

Decathlon has five branches in Metro Manila to date in SM Fairview, North Towers in SM North Edsa, Tiendesitas in Pasig, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay, a concept store in Robinsons Ermita in Manila, and Festival Mall in Alabang. 

They have since opened three provincial branches in SM City Clark in Pampanga, SM Santa Rosa in Laguna, and a warehouse-like branch in Marcos Highway, by the Masinag area. The retailer also offers online delivery options!

Chris Sports

Homegrown retailer Chris Sports also offers padel and pickleball equipment for local players.

As of writing, Chris Sports offers Karakal rackets for padel, and HEAD rackets for pickleball. In particular, HEAD should be recognizable to tennis fans, given that players like Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner compete with their tennis rackets.

As a bonus for pickleball enthusiasts, Chris Sports also sells a portable net. So if you have the space to set it up, then that could be a great option to get into the sport!

Chris Sports is fairly accessible, too, having branches across the country. In Manila, their branches are spread out along Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Parañaque to name a few.

The Padel Shop 

The Padel Shop is the in-house store of Manila Padel Club, with a physical location in the Club’s Bonifacio Global City (BGC) branch. As of writing, the Padel Shop currently carries padel equipment from Drop Shot and Slazenger. Particularly, Drop Shot traces its roots from POP tennis, which is not too far from padel and pickleball today.

As with most retailers, The Padel Shop offers padel rackets, along with performance wear and accessories, namely a bag. But based on their recent announcement, their equipment portfolio will soon include adidas, which is something players can look forward to!

Toby’s Sports

Last but not least is Toby’s Sports, which should be familiar to just about most Filipinos. If The Padel Shop (understandably) limits itself to padel equipment, then Toby’s does so with pickleball. Among their branded rackets are Wilson, and Gamma, which should also be familiar to tennis players, or followers at best.

Toby’s Sports also sells its own pickleball set, complete with two rackets, and four game balls. Besides that and other branded rackets, the retailer also offers a portable net, and respective game balls for both indoor and outdoor use.

Toby’s Sports also sells essential equipment for sports like volleyball, basketball, combat sports, cycling, football, and the like, making it a great one-stop destination for most of your racket sports needs.

Banner Image from Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash.

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